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4 x Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads with Waterproof Bag

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Washable breast pads made from super soft bamboo fabric; extremely absorbent with antibacterial properties.


Fertility2Family is very excited to announce the release of our new bamboo breast pads to our range of products. These nursing pads have been manufactured with comfort and practically in mind.

We’ve chosen to have our breast pads made from ultra soft bamboo. Not only is this material soft and soothing for sore cracked nipples, it has natural antibacterial properties, which could assist in reducing infection and nipple thrush.

Included is 1 waterproof bag, which is essential for a breastfeeding mother on the go.  It keeps your spare breast pads safe and clean when not using, and is also helpful to keep used breast pads together and prevent leakage throughout your nappy bag due to the waterproof fabric.


Some great features of our Bamboo Breast Pads are;

-       4 Layers. Comprising of 3 layers of ultra absorbent, soft bamboo terry material and an outer layer of waterproof protection

-       Washable and reusable

-       Highly absorbent and fast drying material

-       Bamboo fabric has antifungal properties so can be helpful in preventing thrush - a common concern when breastfeeding.

-       12 cm in diameter

-       Slim and non-bulky design for discretion

-       Super soft bamboo material – thing on sore and cracked nipples


-       Easy to wash

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