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Ovulation Track Pack

Price: $21.00

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1 x Ovulation Thermometer,  

2 x Ovulation Charts,

10 x Ovulation Strip Tests,   



Everything you need to track when you ovulation

- dramatically increasing your chances
of conceiving!



Ovulation Thermometer

Accurate to 0.01'C

The Ovulation Thermometer includes three features to help you take an accurate reading at the same time each day.

We have ensured the thermometer Beeps once a temperature has successfully been read, and we have also added a Memory Function to our thermometer, so that once you have taken your temperature, you can turn the device off, and next time your turn it on again your earlier temperature will display for a short period of time, ready for you to record on your chart.

Also, to preserve the battery life, there is an Automatic Shut-Off, which means you will get the longest possible use out of the battery which is included.

ARTG No:                187074 


Ovulation Strip Tests

Ovulation Test Strips work by allowing you to detect your monthly LH Surge - the sudden and dramatic increase in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) present in your urine just before you ovulate. LH is the hormone that facilitates ovulation (the release of the egg). When you detect your LH surge with an ovulation test, you know you are fertile!

Since the best time for fertilization of the egg to occur is within 6 to 24 hours after you ovulate, correctly gauging your body`s cycle is extremely helpful in increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

Each tests is individually sealed, highly reliable and easy to use and information on how and when to start testing will be provided with each order. 

ARTG No:  166647


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