What type of pregnancy test is best for me?

There are two main types of pregnancy tests avaliable, the Midstream Pregnancy Test and the Pregnancy Strip Test.


Why buy a strip pregnancy test?
Strip pregnancy tests are generally the more affordable and cheaper option available on the market.  This is because they do not require a plastic casing, and are often thinner than a midstream test. Strip tests are fantastic because they are so affordable and offer just as accurate results as other types of pregnancy tests. However, the strip tests require urine to be collected in a collection cup, which can be time consuming and much more messy.
(Strip tests are also referred to as; pregnancy dip tests, pregnancy kit tests, hcg tests, hpt)

Why buy midstream pregnancy tests?
Midstream pregnancy tests are a larger pregnancy test, which has a casing over the testing area. This casings primary purpose is to assist you to collect urine, midstream (no need for a collection cup).  However the casing is also beneficial to the test as is keeps the testing area safe under a clear window, free from contamination and damage.
Most midstream pregnancy tests, the testing panel is wider, therefore making the results easier to read. Due to the extra casing and the width of the midstream test, this also makes it more expensive option than the strip test.


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