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Ovulation Thermometer

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Fertility2Family is very excited to announce the release of our new digital thermometer to our range of fertility products. This thermometer is perfect for tracking your basal body temperature to predict when you are ovulating.

We’ve chosen this product with care and we’ve worked with women who are currently charting their Basal Temperature and together we’ve added some features which are a ‘must’ for any great Basal Thermometer.

When charting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), it’s important to take your temperature at the same time each day, as soon as you wake up.

We’ve include three features in our product to help you do this;

We have ensured the thermometer beeps once a temperature has successfully been read, and we have also added a memory function into our thermometer, so that once you have taken your temperature, you can turn the device off, and next time your turn your thermometer on the previous temperature will display for a short period of time, ready for you to record on your chart.
Also, to preserve the battery life, there is an Automatic Shut-Off, which means you will get the longest possible use out of the battery which is included.

All these features will come in handy I assure you.  Often women charting their BBT will set their alarm to go off at the same time each morning.  Once the alarm goes off grab your Fertility2Family Ovulation Thermometer off the bedside table, put it in your month, and snooze until the thermometer beeps.  Then just place the thermometer back on the bedside table, let the “auto shutoff” turn the thermometer off, and fall back to sleep (or get ready for work). 

It’s that easy!

You can then at any stage during that day, check your thermometer to see what your temperature was that morning, and record it, which is so much easier and accurate then having to remember what the temperature was.

We’ve also included a plastic travel case, to keep your thermometer safe, which is great for Travel.

- Batteries included
- 2 x Ovulation charts included
- Accurate to 0.01 degrees celsius  

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