Mila’s Birth Story - Hypnobirth

I had been preparing for the birth of my first baby by attending a hypnobirthing course and practised hypnosis throughout the last few months of my pregnancy. I was very keen to have a natural, drug free birth and was blessed to have had a healthy pregnancy with no complications. I kept very active and fit in my pregnancy and was taking 10km long walks and practicing yoga daily even as my pregnancy reached the 42nd week. I was booked in for induction at 14 days past my due date and despite doing everything possible to help labour start naturally, my baby had her own mind made about her entrance!

At 13 days overdue, my husband and I had eaten very hot curries for dinner and gone for long walks to try and help labour start. I had also had acupuncture several times to induce labour. The next morning which was the day of my induction, my waters broke at around 5am whilst I was asleep. I was so excited and told my husband that we would be meeting our baby hopefully soon! We got ready and went to the maternity hospital which was down the road from our house. I was put on a trace, then the midwife noticed there was meconium in my baby’s waters, so she sent us to the labour ward. My obstetrician was called and had a chat with us, she explained that with the amount of meconium in the waters and the fact that the baby’s head (which was measuring large!) not being at all engaged, it was really unlikely I would have the natural labour I wanted however she would let things progress naturally for the next 12 hours – if I were to go into labour naturally fine, however if I weren’t going into labour naturally she advised delivering baby and not doing an induction due to the meconium in the waters and the fact that baby wasn’t engaged.

Although I was on continuous monitoring I was pretty calm and relaxed, and spent the next few hours walking through the labour ward just hoping for labour to start! I felt very mild contractions start after a few hours however I clearly wasn’t going into labour. My obstetrician came back several hours later and we decided that I would have a c section. This option was so far from my birth plan that I hadn’t even looked into c sections! I was so calm and relaxed about the decision, I just accepted it straight away and was so happy that we would get to meet our baby girl very soon!

Thanks to the hypnobirthing breathing I was extremely relaxed and really calm going into the theatre. My husband was prepared separately and he came in and held my hand. I honestly didn’t even feel the needles go in I was that calm! In what seemed like 10 minutes we heard the most amazing sound ever, our little girl crying! Mila Elizabeth was born at 2:50 pm on 25th October 2013 and she weighed in at 4.2 kg. My husband was so happy he started crying when he saw her and he had skin to skin contact with her whilst I was being prepared for recovery. We had to get new clothes for Mila as none of the dainty newborn outfits I had packed fitted her, she was not a petite baby. Pretty soon I got to cuddle Mila and she just started breastfeeding, she knew what to do!


Mila had a few issues after the birth, with jaundice and fluid on the lungs so she spent a week in special care being treated. Whilst trying to get breastfeeding established and getting to know my newborn this was a stressful time. We felt very lucky when we finally got to take her home! I also had a very easy and quick recovery from my c section so I feel very lucky, when I think back on the birth it was definitely different to planned but such an amazing and beautiful experience.


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