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Fertility2Family Pregnancy Tests

Fertility2Family Pregnancy Tests

When trying to conceive (TTC) and testing for pregnancy, using a home pregnancy test (HPT) that is easy to use accurately can help take the stress out of TTC. Fertility2Family products are TGA approved and have been available to buy in Australia and worldwide for over ten years, so you know they are only the best quality ready for your use as early as seven days before your expected period.

Fertility2Family Easy Home Pregnancy Tests;

Testing with our dip & read pregnancy tests as early as seven days after ovulation (or seven days before your expected period!) • Detects from a mere 10miU/ml of HCG present in urine. This means you can get your positive pregnancy test before your missed period.

• Clear and easy to read instructions are provided to ensure testing is as straightforward and stress-free.

• Fast and accurate results – find out sooner if you are pregnant. An accurate positive result can show in as little as 30 seconds, and results should not be read after 5 minutes.

• Packaged discreetly and safely. Each test is individually packaged in a small foil pouch, which provides a clean, sterile environment safe from moisture.

• Cheap and incredibly high quality, they provide an affordable option for pregnancy detection.

Our highly sensitive cheap pregnancy strip tests will give you quick, reliable results without the fuss. Begin testing up to seven days before your period is due

Highest level of sensitivity and designed for accuracy

• Superior accuracy and quality. Our HCG tests are over 99% accurate in testing.

• 10 miU pregnancy tests are almost as accurate and powerful as blood tests, which are often used to confirm a pregnancy.

• Work by detecting the pregnancy hormone detected in urine called HCG. Most pregnancy tests will detect HCG in the urine at a level of 20 miU/ml; however, Fertility2Family pregnancy tests detect HCG at 10 miU (the lower the miU, the more sensitive the test), making them one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests in Australia.

Quality tests manufactured for professional use

• Our pregnancy tests are registered on the Australian Registry of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 317593 or TGA). A government monitored and maintained registry.

• Our tests have a 2-year shelf life. We endeavour to provide tests with a minimum of 20 months expiry.

Fast, discreet and safe shipping for all pregnancy tests

• Orders are packaged and shipped daily, using the services of Australia Post to deliver items via standard fast shipping, registered shipping and express shipping which both include tracking and insurance. For all delivery times, please view the Australia Post shipping guide 

• Orders are shipped as soon as possible, often the same day! – so you can receive and start using your products sooner.

• Packaged discreetly in plain packaging. The only information on your package will be the mailing address.

• If an order is not received within one week of ordering, we will investigate the item further for you.

Australia owned and operated business with the highest level of customer service

• Australian owned and operated business ran out of an Australian capital city with fast shipping.

• We hold high levels in stock of each item we offer to ensure your order can be packaged and shipped as soon as possible.

• No drop shipping – We hold stock of every item you purchase.

• Each order is packaged individually, and the products are quality controlled.

• Quick and quality customer service – we aim to have all emails replied to within 24 hours. We are always happy to answer any questions about our products and help take the stress out of when to take a pregnancy test.

Visit our testimonial page to hear what others have to say!

cheap reliable pregnancy tests
Fertility2Family Pregnancy Strip Tests are cheap, easy-to-use, individually packaged, and quality assured. This means you can begin testing early and as often as you like without the financial stress.
Cheap Pregnancy tests
Our highly sensitive HPTs will give you quick, reliable results without the fuss. Begin testing up to seven days before your period is due

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