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Quick Guide – Fertility2Family Pregnancy Tests

Our pregnancy tests

Our Pregnancy Tests are easy to use, accurate and quality products

• Detects from a mere 10 miu/ml of HCG present in urine. This means you can begin testing as early as 7 days after ovulation (or 7 days before your expected period!).

• Clear and easy to read instructions are provided to ensure testing is as straightforward and stress free.

• Fast and accurate results – find out sooner if you are pregnant. An accurate positive result can show in as little as 30 seconds, and results should not be read after 5 minutes.

• Packaged discreetly and safely. Each test is individually packaged in a small foil pouch, which provides a clean sterile environment, safe from moisture.

• Cheap and incredibly high quality, they provide an affordable options for pregnancy detection.

Highest level of sensitivity and designed for accuracy

• Superior accuracy and quality. Our pregnancy tests have been found to be over 99.9% accurate in testing.

• 10 miU pregnancy tests are almost as accurate and powerful as having a blood test, which is often used to confirm a pregnancy.

• Work by detecting the pregnancy hormone detected in urine called HCG. Most pregnancy tests, will detect HCG in the urine at a level of 20 miU/ml, however Fertility2Family pregnancy tests detect HCG at 10 miU (the lower the miU, the more sensitive the test).

Quality tests manufactured for professional use

• Our pregnancy tests are registered on the Australian Registry of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 317593 or TGA). A government monitored and maintained registry.

• Our tests have a 2 year shelf life. We endeavour to provide tests with a minimum of 20 months expiry.

Fast, discreet and safe shipping

• Orders are packaged and shipped daily, using the services of Australia Post to deliver items.

• Orders are shipped as soon as possible, often the same day! – so you can receive and start using your products sooner.

• Packaged discreetly in plain packaging. The only information on your package will be the mailing address.

• If order is not received within 1 week of order, we will investigate the item further for you.

Australia owned and operated business with the highest level of customer service

• Australian owned and operated business ran out of an Australian capital city.

• We hold high levels in stock of each item we sell, to ensure your order can be packaged and shipped as soon as possible.

• No drop shipping – We hold stock of every item you purchase.

• Each order is packaged individually, and the products are quality controlled.

• Quick and quality customer service – we aim to have all emails replied to within 24 hours. Visit our testimonial page to hear what others have to say!

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