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When the Pregnancy Test Positive Line Shows up After Five Minutes

When the Pregnancy Test Positive Line Shows up After Five Minutes

A home pregnancy test kit is a great way to check whether you are pregnant or not from the comfort of your home. Although these pregnancy test kits are straightforward to use, you might get erroneous results if you fail to follow the proper instructions. One of the most common mistakes that women make while taking a home pregnancy test kit is that they don’t wait long enough to read the test or wait too long. In either case, you might get unreliable results. It is crucial to follow the instructions especially, as every manufacturer might have subtle differences in how the test kits are intended to be used. 

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When the Pregnancy Test Positive Line Shows up Later

Seeing a negative pregnancy test can be discouraging if you are trying to get pregnant. However, if you wait for some time, you might see a positive test line appear on the test. Does it mean that your test is positive and you are pregnant, or is it an error? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

The positive line might appear on a negative pregnancy test due to many reasons. Let’s talk about a few of the most important reasons why this might happen and how you can avoid getting fooled by these pseudo-positive results. 

Evaporation lines on a Pregnancy Test

As we have made abundantly clear above, it is crucial to stick to the instructions while taking a home pregnancy test. Most manufacturers will have you read the test within a certain time after taking the test. In most instances, we are talking about the time interval ranging from a couple of minutes to about 10 minutes, and the test becomes unreliable after this time has elapsed. In other words, you can’t wait too long to read the test kit results. With Fertility2Family pregnancy test kits, the results may be observed after 1 minute. Do not interpret test results after 5 minutes.

Most women get a false-positive result if they wait for too long can be attributed to evaporation. A line thus formed due to the evaporation of the water in the urine sample is called, you guessed it, evaporation line. Evaporation lines do not indicate a positive test. 

As the water in the urine sample starts to evaporate, the chemical composition of the urine sample changes markedly. The change in composition might result in the appearance of a line that might be easily mistaken as a positive home pregnancy test. 

As you can imagine, if such lines develop after you see an initial negative result, you might feel confused. Hence, it is essential to discard your pregnancy test after you have waited for the right time and read the test to avoid confusion later. 

Faint test lines on a Pregnancy Test

Another common issue with a home pregnancy test kit is the development of faint lines. In some cases, you might feel that the test line is too light to be considered a positive result, but it gets darker if you wait for some more time. Why does it happen, and can you trust such a result?

There are several reasons for the initial faint line turning darker as time passes. Here are some of the reasons for it happening-

  • Chemical pregnancy: A chemical pregnancy occurs when implantation of the fertilized egg occurs, resulting in the formation of the hormone hCG, but the egg is no longer viable or alive. In other words, a chemical pregnancy is a form of early miscarriage that can happen for a multitude of reasons. As the amount of hCG produced is too little for the home pregnancy test to measure accurately, you might initially see only a faint line. Most chemical pregnancies are never detected because most women think of them as regular periods without taking a pregnancy test. 
  • Lower sensitivity test: There are more home pregnancy test kits on the market than you can ever imagine. Not all tests are created alike, so it is important to choose the right sensitive one. The pregnancy test kit from Fertility2Family is lab-tested for accuracy and sensitivity. Our tests are some of the cheapest yet one of the most accurate home pregnancy test kits you can buy in Australia. 

What causes a positive pregnancy test

A home pregnancy test kit that is not very sensitive might need more hCG concentration to give a positive result than a sensitive one. 

  • Too early in your cycle: As the home pregnancy test kit relies on hCG detection in your urine, it won’t work if you don’t have enough hCG production. It is common to start seeing a small hCG production soon after you conceive, but it might take time for the concentration to rise to a detectable level in the urine. Hence, it is crucial to wait for at least two weeks after ovulation before taking a home pregnancy test kit. If you take the test soon after your ovulation, you might not get a reliable positive test and operate on a false reading that you are not pregnant. 
  • To dilute a sample: It is important to have a concentrated urine sample for a reliable pregnancy test. If your urine is too dilute, the hCG concentration might not be high enough to be detected reliably by a home pregnancy test kit. Hence, it is recommended that you take a test right after you wake up or have not had any water for a few hours. However, the best time to take a pregnancy test is the first thing in the morning. 

It might be possible that even if you have followed all the instructions and precautions, the test is not as conclusive as you might want it to be. Perhaps, the line is just too faint, and you can’t make anything out about your pregnancy status. Well, the best thing to do in such a situation is to be patient, wait for a couple of days, and retake the test. Remember to use the urine sample from your first-morning urine and follow the instructions. 

We recommend buying a home pregnancy test that is TGA approved and has a high sensitivity and accuracy level.

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A word from Fertility2Family

Trying to conceive can cause stress and anxiety, especially if you have not had success over a few months. Seeing a negative test result can be heartbreaking and add to the stress. If you are unsure about your test results, positive or negative, you can always consult your doctor. A simple blood test for hCG will confirm whether you are pregnant or not in a matter of a few hours and clear the confusion right away. 

If you are using a home pregnancy test kit, always make sure to follow the instructions precisely. You don’t want to end up with an uncertain result and add to your anxiety. Stay positive and keep trying, the path to motherhood is a bit more difficult for some of us, and that is okay. It helps to remember that you are not alone in this journey, and there is a lot of help if you need it!