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Briefs or Boxers: Can Briefs Reduce Sperm Count

Briefs or Boxers: Can Briefs Reduce Sperm Count

Can briefs reduce sperm count and affect the fertility of men? This question has made researchers study more on the choice of men’s underwear since the 1990s. The thought that underwear can harm a man’s fertility might sound like a fertility misconception or an old tale spread by wives. However, it may be a legitimate concern for all men in Australia.

The truth is that tighter underwear like briefs can reduce sperm count. However, it cannot affect the sperm’s health to the extent of causing infertility. Even though briefs reduce sperm count for healthy fertile men, it is essential to know that there is no risk because the sperm health measurements will remain at their normal range.

Type of underwear may affect sperm count
Boxer shorts and loose pants can boost sperm count

In addition, switching from briefs to boxers may be more convenient for men who already have poor fertility issues or those with an average sperm count at the limit line. But, there is no research to show how helpful this change can be.

Can tighter underwear harm your sperm health?

The primary concern with wearing tight underwear is the heat. When the temperature rises, the sperm cells will be more sensitive. Your body’s heat can also be a significant problem sometimes. Have you ever bothered to determine why the testicles are outside the body? The testicles are essential for reproduction, and exposing them to a vulnerable or unfavourable environment may affect the quality of sperm a man produces.

The scrotum holds the testicles in place, but their primary role is to ensure the testicles are kept away from the source of heat. In this case, they will be distant from your body because it is the primary heat source. A man can easily have low sperm count or unhealthy sperm issues if the testicles aren’t protected from the excess heat from the body.

The average human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, while the average scrotal temperature is approximately 2.5 and 3 degrees cooler than the body temperature. The lower temperature enhances sperm production because the best temperature for producing sperm is 34 degrees Celsius.

According to research, changes in room temperature may affect sperm movement. In addition, health issues such as long-term illness accompanied by high fevers may also affect men’s sperm health.

So how does your underwear choice matter in all this? Naturally, the scrotum should hold the testicles far away from the body. So you shouldn’t wear tight underwear that forces the scrotum to be close to the body.

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Is it healthier to wear boxers or briefs for sperm count

What does the research say? Can briefs reduce your sperm count?

Several studies have determined whether a man’s underwear choice can affect sperm count and health.

One research involved 656 men in a relationship and seeking help in a fertility clinic. The researchers asked the men to reveal the underwear they preferred to wear. The experts focused on evaluating the semen and the levels of FSH. The FSH hormone in men is responsible for triggering sperm production, so its levels will determine the quality of sperm a man can produce.

According to the research findings, men who preferred to wear boxers had a 25% higher sperm concentration than men who did not regularly wear boxers. Sperm concentration is the number of sperm cells found in a particular sample of seminal fluid.

The researchers also realized that the levels of FSH were higher in men who had low sperm concentration and count. The probable reason behind this is that the body reacted to the low sperm count by promoting FSH levels while increasing sperm production.

While this study is important and interesting, it still does not offer the answers most couples wanted to know. It did not confirm if underwear can reduce fertility or cause fertility issues in men.

Another study involved 501 couples who were ready to get pregnant. Unlike the research we mentioned above, these couples were not having infertility issues. They had just started to try to conceive. The experts were looking at the effect of their underwear choice by comparing briefs, boxers, and boxer-briefs. They aimed to verify if the underwear choice plays an essential role in determining the duration a couple takes to get pregnant and if they are the odds of experiencing fertility issues. The study was meant to confirm if changing the underwear choice may positively affect the health condition of the sperms.

Sperm count has effect on fertility
Sperm count affects your fertility.

After concluding the research, the experts did not find any significant difference in semen health regardless of the underwear the choice. The underwear did not affect how long the couples took to get pregnant or how frequently the men experienced infertility. Based on this study, it is safe to conclude that the men’s underwear choices do not cause couples to take long to get pregnant.


Although some studies have found that the choice of underwear can affect the quality of sperm and health, the impacts are still not yet known. If briefs can impact sperm health negatively, then this problem would be more pronounced in men who are already experiencing fertility problems.

If you do not have an infertility issue, you don’t need to worry about the kind of underwear you choose to wear each day. However, if you are already experiencing fertility problems, it may be advisable to switch to boxers or opt not to wear underwear at night.

Remember that switching underwear will not resolve any fertility problems you may have. Therefore you might need to seek medical help even after wearing boxes. And if you like wearing briefs, do not hesitate to continue wearing them.

Your health care provider should be able to offer professional advice on your underwear choice if you have fertility issues or your sperm health or concentration is affected. So do not hesitate to open up or follow the recommendations given to you.

Remember, you might need different underwear materials depending on the different weather conditions experienced in Australia. For instance, synthetic or cotton blends are more suitable for everyday wear. Underwear made of silks or other fun fabrics should be for special occasions.