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Negative Pregnancy Tests – How To Cope With A Negative Result

Negative Pregnancy Tests – How To Cope With A Negative Result

When you struggle to get pregnant, the last thing you want to see is a negative pregnancy test. Every pregnancy test can pull up a thick jumble of emotions from sadness to anxiety to hopefulness, especially if you have undergone fertility treatment. Getting a negative pregnancy test is even more frustrating for a woman as the months go on, and they spend most of their time worrying over their chances of having a baby. Most women end up seeing sex as a chore instead of pleasure and eventually end up becoming anxious and depressed.

As much as dealing with a negative pregnancy test when trying to get pregnant is disappointing, learning how to handle the range of emotions evoked by the results can help you cope. This article highlights a few tips to help you feel better after a negative pregnancy test.

Is it normal to be sad after a negative pregnancy test?
Is it normal to be sad after a negative pregnancy test?

Could You Still be Pregnant with a negative pregnancy test?

Even if you have received a negative pregnancy test, you may still feel hopeful that there is a chance you could still be pregnant. A negative result doesn’t always mean that you will not be pregnant during your cycle. A late period, irregular cycles, and an early test are factors that increase the chances you could still be pregnant.

If you’ve already had your period, it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant. But if your period is late, there is a chance you might be pregnant. If weeks pass and you still haven’t gotten your period by the tests are negative, you should consider contacting your doctor.

If you took your test days before your period was due, there is still a chance you could be pregnant. The level of HCG, the hormone detected by pregnancy tests, builds differently depending on the pregnancy. You may not receive a positive test until you are a few days or a week late.

Women with irregular cycles may find it difficult to tell when their period is late. If this is the case with you, it is possible you might have taken the test early.

A negative pregnancy test tends to induce an ache in women due to what is happening, especially when they get only one pink line instead of two. However, feeling sad after getting the test results has less to do with what is happening at the moment but more about the narrative the woman has created on what the negative test means.

It is easy for someone to create a story from a given situation. For example, if your partner fails to bring you a bottle of milk as requested, the situation is not much of a big deal. However, we end up coming up with our story that they forgot to bring the packet simply because they don’t care. Such a simple situation is more than likely to get someone increasingly upset if they fail to control their feelings.

The best way to cope is by separating narratives from facts. You need to accept that you are not pregnant if the pregnancy test is negative, and the truth is your cycle might have failed or not. Below are a few stories most women tend to tell themselves.

• I’m a failure. just because you got a negative pregnancy test result instead of a positive one doesn’t automatically mean you are worthless. Pregnancy itself doesn’t say anything about your value.

Treatment won’t work for me. Even if the results were negative after going through fertility treatment, you should not be quick to judge it as a sign of future failure. You may need three to four treatments before medication can work for you, and even if you are still unable to get pregnant after your fourth treatment, you can still get pregnant after switching your treatment.

• Pregnancy is not for me. I will never be pregnant is one of the biggest, if not the hardest, stories most women tell themselves. Women should understand that it doesn’t matter the number of times they’ve tested for pregnancy only to get the same negative results. While it’s true that the longer it takes, the less likely one will achieve the desired results, one test cannot be treated as a testament to it.

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Confronting Fears of another negative result

Let’s face it. There is a slight possibility that you may not be able to get pregnant, especially after pursuing treatment, only to get negative pregnancy results after each test consistently. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost. You still have other opportunities to be a parent. For example, you can always consider adoption or foster care. You can also choose to raise your nephews and nieces as their favourite uncle or auntie.

It is absolutely okay for you to feel sad if your plan to get pregnant isn’t falling through as you would have wanted, but what is not okay is if you remain in the state of sadness for too long. Always aspire to be realistic about your inability to conceive. One pregnancy test and fear that you will never be a biological parent should not interfere with your happiness and internal peace. Always remember that your life is worth so much more.

After getting a negative pregnancy test result, wait a few days before testing again
After getting a negative pregnancy test result, wait a few days before testing again.

Next Steps After a Negative Pregnancy Test

There are a couple of things you can do to cope when the test is negative. Do not grieve your cycle if it is not yet over. If you’ve not yet started your period, there’s still a chance you might be pregnant. Do not base your judgment on a single test.

Secondly, do not deny yourself room for sadness. The more you hold in your pain, the more you suffer and worsen the situation. Cry out your emotions if you need to, and share your feelings with someone you trust.

Do not forget to separate the facts from the story. Making a list of the stories you’re telling yourself about the negative is an excellent place to start. Once you have successfully pinpointed the stories and listed them down, find some satisfying answers to each. You’ll be surprised at how much peace this comforting process will bring to your life.

Always incorporate a future plan of action before testing. A future plan of action is imperative as it encourages you to continue with your current treatment and efforts to conceive. Constantly thinking and making future plans helps you remember that it is not the end of the road, no matter the outcome.

Find an exciting thing to do after if the result you got is not one you had hoped for. Remember that at this point, you are vulnerable and more likely to make the wrong decisions after overthinking the situation. Actually, ensure you have surrounded yourself with the people you love and trust and join them in interesting activities such as games or nature walks.

Final Thoughts

While getting a negative result on a pregnancy test can be heartbreaking, try not to be too dispirited. Remember that all couples are not the same. Some take a while to conceive. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for only a few months, give it time. Always find comfort in the fact that only eight out of ten couples conceive within the first year of trying, while half of those will conceive in the second year. Don’t stop trying, be kind to yourself, and be hopeful for a positive result on the next one.