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Fertility Massage – Can It Really Help You Get Pregnant?

Fertility Massage – Can It Really Help You Get Pregnant?

It is the wish of every couple to have a child earlier or later in their marriage. But people are not the same; some may experience delays in conceiving a child, which is stressful. Fertility experts conduct several medical procedures to determine the cause of infertility or even improve fertility, and one of these procedures is the fertility massage. However, the big question is, does the fertility massage work in boosting one’s ability to conceive?

Honestly, its sound is fun, and most people would enjoy it. Imagine solving your child’s bearing issues while relaxing your body at a spa or even in the comfort of your home; sounds fun, right? Before we conclude if the fertility massage helps one get pregnant, it is good to understand what it is about and how to do it properly. Hence, this article will provide in-depth information about fertility massage and whether it helps one get pregnant.

Fertility massage
Fertility massage can improve the chances of conception

What is fertility massage?

There is no single definition of fertility massage, as each practitioner has their approach when performing this kind of massage. It involves applying massage techniques around the conceiving parts of the woman’s body, which are more or less the same. So, what methods do fertility masseuses use to aid one get pregnant?

Deep tissue massage

This technique involves intense massage around the abdomen tissues to relax them while increasing circulation, which can boost the chances of conceiving. Scientists believe that sometimes stress can hinder a woman from getting pregnant, so a good massage to relax the abdomen may increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Use of acupressure

This technique involves acupressure techniques around the inner and outer parts of the ankle to improve fertility. Such pressure massages correspond to reproductive organs like the uterus and ovaries, thus increasing the chances of conceiving.

Normal massage

Some Masseuse uses standard massage techniques in common body parts like the neck, shoulders, back, feet, and abdomen to relax the body.

So do these massages help one get pregnant?

The answer is no, as no research has reported that massage can help one conceive. However, fertility massage does help increase the chances of getting pregnant as it all narrows down to reducing stress. Stress sometimes can delay the chances of one conceiving; thus, the massage helps get rid of stress hormones to enable one to create a safe and happy environment. In most cases, stress increases the production of cortisol hormones that make bad energy in the body.

If your body is not relaxed and your mind is not in a state where you can enjoy intimacy with your partner, this may hinder your chances of getting pregnant. So, what the fertility massage does is help the body get rid of fatigue and stress by relaxing it. With a relaxed mind, you will have increased production of serotonin hormones, which are responsible for creating a good mood in the body. It will always increase good circulation in all body parts, including the abdomen.

Types of fertility massages

Yoga and fertility

Yoga is one way to relieve stress as it requires one to focus on the inner self and eliminate external factors causing stress and anxiety. Research has shown that yoga, mainly in men, can boost fertility by helping one to relax and get rid of anxiety.

Types of fertility massage to look at

Mayan fertility massage

This type of fertility massage is employed differently by different Masseuses. The massage was verbally taught by a traditional healer, which means that people who practice it use their understanding of what was taught. But, it is good to note that the results are the same regardless of how the practitioner does it.

How is Mayan fertility massage done?

The massage focuses on the reproductive areas: the ovaries and uterus. The practitioner will massage these areas while exerting pressure on the joint connecting the reproductive organs. Some practitioners believe that infertility can occur if the reproductive organs are not appropriately aligned. So, massaging and aligning them well can boost the chances of conceiving.

So can Mayan fertility massage help with fertility?

As much as Mayan massage will not help a woman get pregnant, the massage helps relax the reproductive organs and probably align them, increasing the chances of conceiving. However, this massage is delicate and needs to be practised by a professional fertility massage practitioner. It is a massage that focuses on applying pressure on reproductive organs; if done right, high pressure may lead to the rapture of the cyst. Listen to your body and know when to stop the Masseuse if you feel pain.

Self-fertility massage

Did you know that you don’t necessarily need to spend money to pay for a fertility massage from a practitioner? You can comfortably do a self-fertility massage in the comfort of your home.

What is self-fertility massage?

This massage is just like the Mayan massage, only that you do it independently. It is a convenient form of massage since you can do it any time of the day as often as you can.

How is self-fertility massage done?

This massage requires one to massage the abdomen, rib, and pelvic area with deep, circular strokes while applying pressure.

Benefits of a self-fertility message when trying to conceive?

  • It is a comfortable massage since you are doing it on your own. Thus, you will be able to gauge the proper pressure to massage your abdomen based on how your body feels, something practitioners cannot.
  • You can do it more than once a day as long as you have enough time. It increases your chances of getting good results when trying to conceive.
  • Self-fertility massage is cheap as you don’t need to spend any money.

Benefits of fertility message for people trying to conceive:

Relief of stress

Sometimes stress is the number one cause of infertility in both men and women. In men, it leads to the release of low production of sperm or low levels of erection, while in women, it may kill one’s mood, something a woman needs to have when trying to conceive. So, the massage brings some relief and calmness to enable the woman to relax and focus well when trying to get pregnant.


Fertility massage can relieve stress
Fertility massage can relieve stress.

Is fertility massage harmful when trying to conceive?

It all depends on your state as a woman or the type of massage you undergo. For example, a pregnant woman may experience issues and even lose the pregnancy due to fertility massage. The massages involve applying pressure on the abdominal areas, so employing stress on the fetus is not safe. However, if you are trying to conceive and don’t have a baby yet, the massages are 100 percent secure. To be safe, take a pregnancy test before the massage for safety purposes.

Fertility massages and expectant mothers

Expectant mothers can have prenatal massages done on them, especially in the last trimester, to help prepare for the baby. However, some precautions to take when undergoing the massages include;

  • Avoid lying on the back for too long and instead lay on an elevated surface.
  • Let a professional therapist do the massages to avoid harming the baby when massaging the belly and the uterus. If you live in Australia, search for licensed prenatal Masseuse for your and your baby’s safety.

Which are the excellent massages to undergo when trying to conceive?


It is the type of acupressure mainly conducted on the feet area. The massage focuses on the joints of the ankles connected to the reproductive system, such as the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Some practitioners apply pressure on the ankles’ outer and inner parts, mainly when the woman is menstruating, to increase the chances of trying to conceive.

Abdominal fertility massage

This massage focuses on the reproductive organs to help relieve tension and increase the chances of getting pregnant. However, as we had mentioned, this is a delicate massage and should be professionally done without causing pain or injury to these organs.

Swedish fertility massage

This type of massage is more gentle and relaxing to the body. It does not include high force, but it is recommendable when trying to conceive as it helps the body relax.

Shiatsu’s fertility massage

Shiatsu’s massage is a deep massage focused on the body parts corresponding to the reproductive organs. However, you should hire a professional to get this type of massage. 

Shiatsu fertility massage
Shiatsu fertility massage

To Sum Up

Although fertility massage will not solely help you get pregnant when trying to conceive, it does help boost the chances of getting pregnant. Massage helps the reproductive systems and allows you to relax and have a good mood for better chances of conception. If you live in Australia or other parts of the world, ensure certified therapy Masseuse conducts these massages for your safety. It is good to have a pregnancy test done before undergoing intense massages like Mayan for safety purposes.