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17 Ways to Increase Male Fertility

How Can Men Improve Their Fertility Rate Through Their Eating Habits?

How to Improve Male Fertility
How to Improve Male Fertility

The fertility rate of men in Australia, i.e., their sperm count, depends on a number of factors, with eating patterns being one of the most important ones. Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for developing sperms in males along with other masculine factors such as body shape, muscle mass, erection of the penis, and other male distinguishing features.

A recent study shows that the sperm count of males has dropped by 59% over the past forty years. There are various causes for this alarming situation, such as the emission of harmful radiation from gadgets and other devices. Still, the most discussed and accepted among the doctors is the eating habits/diet patterns that have changed drastically with time. Some foods are detrimental to male health and decrease sperm count. Similarly, there are diets available that remarkably boost men’s fertility rate.

Causes for low sperm count & decreased male fertility

The hustle lifestyle of humans has affected their health in several ways, and it has proved more hazardous for men, mainly because of eating habits. Several diets decrease male fertility, including:

  • Soy products
  • Trans fats like junk food
  • Processed meats, especially the red meat
  • Dairy products include a high proportion of fats, e.g., ice-creams and whole milk.
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Canned food due to the presence of BPA

Research has shown that the above-stated factors have caused the fertility rate of men to decrease significantly. These foods reduce testosterone levels, ultimately affecting males’ health and masculine features. Thus, avoiding such a diet may increase hormone levels in males.

Improving male fertility through diet

Fertility, as mentioned earlier, links with diet. A better diet produces a more significant number of sperms, ultimately increasing the fertility rate. There are a few foods that help to increase the testosterone levels in males; the most important ones are mentioned below:

What foods can improve male fertility?
How can I increase my sperm count naturally and male fertility?


Studies have shown that walnuts have a significant impact on sperm count. During the examinations, it was evident that the males who had walnuts over a while showed a substantial increase in their sperm levels.


If included in the diet of males, this food shows a remarkable increase in their sperm levels. Males should make fish a part of their diet at least once a week as it is nutritious in other aspects as well.

Fruits, legumes, and veggies

These sources of food have a direct effect on the fertility of males. After a careful examination by the Nutritionists and Sex experts, the males having a more significant proportion of this food as a part of their diet showed a good level of sperm count compared to those who lacked these.


Dates are vital for boosting the fertility rate of men. The use of dates boosts testosterone levels in males, which ultimately causes an increase in sperm levels. In the past, when medications were unavailable, the use of dates was extensive, mainly for driving the sexual power of males.

Zinc and male fertility

The food having zinc, like oysters, eggs, beans, whole grains, beef, etc., helps to increase sperm levels. Zinc has a direct role in boosting the levels of testosterone in males. Thus a greater intake of such food means more significant levels of fertility.

Increasing male fertility through supplements

The use of supplements and a proper diet enhances fertility in males as it fills the deficiencies of food. There are varieties of male fertility supplements available on the market. Some of the supplements are listed below:

What supplements increase sperm?
What supplements increase sperm?

D-aspartic acid

It is a type of amino acid being sold as a supplement. It is mainly found in genital organs such as testes, as well as in semen and sperms. Researchers have shown that this amino acid plays a vital role in male fertility. Studies also prove that the level of D-AA increases the body’s testosterone, ultimately increasing fertility in males. Thus, males having fertile issues must go for D-AA. DAA is available in Australia in powder and capsule form.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C  is an antioxidant, and studies have proved that the higher levels of antioxidants in the body help fight harmful oxidants such as ROS, which causes infertility in males. The use of vitamin C as a supplement helps the body to make itself stronger and fight effectively against these oxidants. Vitamin C also improves semen quality. The vitamin-C supplement also increases the sperm count and motility, making it more vulnerable to fertilization. Moreover, It also reduces the proportion of deformed sperm cells.


The fertility of males is boosted with the levels of Vitamin D. The level of testosterone seems to be linked to the level of Vitamin D, which increases sperm motility and helps elevate the status of testosterone.

Maca root

Maca root is a popular plant food that enhances fertility and the level of testosterone in males. It helps to improve sexual performance in males. It also helps to treat erectile dysfunction.


This is a medicinal herb. It is also seen to be increasing the levels of testosterone levels in males. It increases sperm motility, semen volume, sperm counts, antioxidants, and testosterone levels. This medicinal herb is available in the market and helps increase males’ fertility.

Other Factors to increase male fertility

Other factors are involved as well, which contribute to an increase in the fertility levels of males along with proper diet. These points are notable because they followed along with the diet food mentioned remarkably enhance the sperms levels. These factors are:

  • Proper sleep of 7 hours. This has proved to boost male health and sexual characteristics, including the levels of sexual hormones.
  • Frequent intercourse with partners. Research carried out by the students of Harvard medical school proved that regular intercourse with partners increases the sexual power of men and makes them more sexually active.
  • Avoiding stress. Stress reduces the number of sex hormones in both males and females. Thus, avoid stress and enjoy the moments.
  • Avoiding alcohol. Studies have shown that the use of excessive alcohol and heavy drinking decreases the fertility rate in men. Thus, avoiding alcohol helps to increase fertility in men.
  • Avoiding excessive workouts. A strenuous workout wears out the muscles and uses out all the ATPs, which are the energy source in the body. As a workout requires energy supplied by the energy molecules, thus workout must be part of life but with a balance so that there is a balance between fitness and sexual life.
  • Health care expert supervision. The use of gadgets these days has negative impacts on the human body, particularly the rays emitted from them, which proves detrimental to human health. The causes of infertility have increased due to these factors. So, a person experiencing any difficulty or issue related to fertility must consult health experts for care and supervision
What can a male do to increase fertility?
What can a male do to increase fertility?


Increasing the fertility rate in males in Australia is not much difficult. There are just some Dos and Don’ts to be followed, which help achieve the required levels. Moreover, consulting health care experts and nutritionists in this regard is highly valuable because they properly guide through each step which helps to attain desired levels in a short period. If you are struggling with nutrition and finding a fitness program that suits you, Charlie Johnson Fitness can help create programs to increase your fitness and improve your male fertility.