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5 Tips for Taking a Pregnancy Test Correctly

5 Tips for Taking a Pregnancy Test Correctly

In this advanced world that we live in today, pregnancy tests are designed to be nearly one hundred percent reliable. Those who have used these HCG tests can confirm that these kits are foolproof in many ways. Besides, the procedure for taking the tests is easier to follow, unlike before.

How do you most accurately take a pregnancy test?
How do you most accurately take a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy Test Tips

But, it’s crucial to note that there’s a component you cannot control when taking pregnancy tests – your emotions. Most women in Australia tend to get emotional when sitting over the HCG test kit after dipping it in the urine sample. No matter how you feel about taking the test, there are some useful tips that you may utilize to get through the experience successfully.

Use Your First Morning Urine with a pregnancy test

The urine you collect immediately after waking up in the morning has a greater concentration of the hormone (hCG test) that the test will look for. This is the case whether or not you are performing the test at home. When you use the first-morning urine, the probability of obtaining an accurate reading from the test will increase significantly.

If you think you won’t remember to retrieve the urine sample in the morning, you may put the urine collection cup or pregnancy test on top of the lid of your toilet. This way, you will see them immediately after you get to the bathroom after waking up.

One school of thought maintains that if you hold your pee for more than four hours, the consistency of your urine will become identical to that of urine generated first thing in the morning. The key is to avoid consuming excessive liquids all at once since this might reduce the concentration of hCG hormone in the urine you produce.

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Pay Close Attention to the Directions

It is normal to feel anxious when you are taking a simple pregnancy test that has the potential to change the way the rest of your life unfolds eternally. This is a natural response to the situation. However, before you go into the bathroom, you must ensure that you know the instructions for taking the pregnancy test.

Do not assume that you will remember everything simply because you have taken another test in the past that was quite similar to this one. The result time window can vary between brands and styles of hCG test because of this it is important to pay close attention to the instructions on the test kit to avoid making mistakes.

Is it better to pee on a pregnancy test or in a cup?
Is it better to pee on a pregnancy test or in a cup?

Utilize a Clock or Timer

Even if you have a good sense of time, you shouldn’t try to estimate the time that’s allocated for the pregnancy test. If you wait too long or read the test too soon, you might not get an accurate reading. For this reason, you should bring along a companion, such as a timer on your phone or a clock. This will help you get the most accurate results possible.

Though the instructions say not to look at the test results after 10 minutes, a clock may tell you when the test became positive. For instance, you will know if this happens at three minutes and 30 seconds or 10 minutes and three seconds.

Use a pregnancy test collection cup

Don’t worry if the pregnancy test instructions suggest that you hold the stick in your urine stream while you take the test. This is perfectly normal. However, if you aren’t a good aim, you may worry about creating a mess in the bathroom.

In such a case, you use a urine collection cup to get your urine sample for the test. The next thing you need to do is place the absorbent portion of the test into the urine in the cup for the same amount of time as the instructions in the test. Remove the test kit and place it on a flat surface then wait for the reaction to take place before reading the results.

Ask Questions Fertility To Family

If you have questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us. That is the reason why the contact details on each test kit! You are more than welcome to share any inquiries you may have with our team, who are both nurses.

It is uncommon for people to have issues with evaporation lines, test reliability, and other problems associated with the categories above. This is because medication interactions have the potential to affect how pregnancy tests work.


While a pregnancy test is one of the most important tests you will take in your life, you shouldn’t doubt its accuracy. This is because the products are designed to be error-proof, and the instructions on how to use them are pretty easy. So, simply follow the directions and don’t get anxious during the process. You will get your results in a few minutes. You can always take another test if you realize you didn’t adhere to the instructions.