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Pregnancy Tests

Buy Fertility2Family Pregnancy Tests

Buy our most sensitive, high quality, individually packaged and cheap pregnancy tests. Test from 7 days before your period is due!

Stop playing the waiting game. Our highly sensitive pregnancy tests will give you quick, reliable results. Begin testing up to seven days before your period is due.

Fertility2Family Pregnancy Strip Tests are affordable, easy-to-use, individually packaged and quality assured. This means you can begin testing early and as often as you like without the financial stress.

We want you to feel confident using our products, which is why we include a handy how-to information sheet with every purchase.

Our tests work by detecting levels of the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), in your urine at a level of 10mIU/ml. We strive to provide a minimum of 20 months expiry on all of our tests (however, is often more).


Positive Pregnancy tests