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How much does a pregnancy test cost in Australia?

The cost of buying pregnancy tests varies significantly in Australia. The price will generally vary depending on what kind of pregnancy test you obtain and where you go to have it done. Most women in Australia prefer using at-home pregnancy tests over other test kits. The test analyses the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine to determine whether or not you are pregnant (hCG).

This form of pregnancy test may be used anywhere from a couple of days before your period is due to a couple of weeks to months into the pregnancy. Once pregnant, the body will start producing hCG, which will continue throughout the pregnancy. Because of this, it is possible to have a positive result when the test is done later in the pregnancy.

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How Much Does It Cost to Take a Home Pregnancy Test?

Home pregnancy tests are widely available at various retail establishments, including chemists, supermarkets, big-box shops, and even online. Although the pricing for a single test might differ from a few dollars up to nearly twenty dollars, all of these tests are fundamentally the same. In addition, you may get numerous packs of tests for a few dollars each (or for thirty dollars or even more).

There is no guarantee that more costly testing will provide more accurate results. Certain features may appeal to you, such as a digital readout that says “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” instead of the standard two-line or plus-mark signal most pregnancy tests use. Some individuals are huge fans of the digital choice, while others choose the more conventional indication in which they can see if the line is visible or faint.

When you go to a doctor or a midwife’s office for a urine pregnancy test, they will likely use the same tests you use at home. Due to the high level of accuracy of home pregnancy tests, many medical professionals do not even bother to perform a second pregnancy test on their patients when they bring in results from a positive test conducted at home.

They’ll make an exception if you get a test result different than anticipated or need a blood test. The urine test cost in your practitioner’s office will vary. Even if you have insurance, you should inquire before the procedure. If they include the cost of the visit, it may be as high as $100 or more.

How Much Will You Pay for a Blood HCG Test?

A blood test often has a higher price tag than its murine counterpart. A blood test also detects hCG, but in the blood, not in the urine, as the at-home urine test does. Your practitioner may order this test to verify that you are pregnant or to determine the level of hCG in your body. (Urine tests only identify the presence or absence of hCG; they do not indicate how much is present.)

Your practitioner will be able to provide you with some information about the well-being of your pregnancy after doing this test several times and seeing how the hCG levels fluctuate. During a healthy pregnancy, the amount of hCG in the blood should double every 48 hours.

If you are paying for the blood test out of pocket, you must discuss the pregnancy test price with the laboratory performing it. However, if the insurance plan covers the cost of the test, you may skip this step. The beta hCG test cost at Any Lab Test Now is $49 (quantitative). You will pay for them on your own in addition to your practitioner. Because of the higher cost of this test for most individuals, it is often reserved for pregnancies that present unusual challenges.

How to Obtain a Free Pregnancy Test in Australia

In addition, there are locations where one may get a pregnancy test for either no cost or cheap. Most women prefer using the urine pregnancy test, and medical professionals or untrained volunteers with no medical background may conduct the test. You may also purchase pregnancy tests that come at an affordable price via the health department in your community. Fertility2Family supports many different clinics with discounted and cheap pregnancy tests in Australia.

Home Pregnancy Tests
How much does a home pregnancy test cost?

Cost-Effective Options for Purchasing Pregnancy Tests

Honestly, the test kits in online stores are an ideal option for most people. Because of how cheap they are, you can easily purchase a few of them and put them in your emergency supply. This can be done quickly and simply in the comfort of your home without incurring additional costs. If you take a pregnancy test that comes out positive, you must make an appointment with your primary care doctor or a midwife as soon as possible.

You can lessen hCG test prices in more ways than one by ensuring you test for pregnancy at the optimal period. This will help you get the most accurate results. If you do it too soon, the results may not be reliable, and you’ll have to test again. If you put off taking the test for a couple of days, you will not only have a better chance of receiving an accurate result but also avoid paying for another attempt.

Be mindful of the test’s expiry date if you bulk buy pregnancy tests, whether at a bargain shop or online. If you have many tests, you should verify the expiry date on each box and the batch. You’ll need to do this when you’re buying and taking each of the tests. A test that has expired cannot provide reliable results.

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Pregnancy tests in Australia FAQ

What is the best time to take a pregnancy test in Australia?

The best time to take a pregnancy test in Australia, or anywhere else, is around a week after you’ve missed your period. This is because the pregnancy hormone hCG, which pregnancy tests detect, takes a while to reach a level that the tests can pick up. If you test too early, you might get a false negative result. However, some tests are more sensitive and can be used a few days before your period is due. Always check the instructions on the specific test you’re using.

Are digital pregnancy tests more accurate than traditional ones in Australia?

Digital and traditional pregnancy tests in Australia aim to detect the presence of the hormone hCG, produced during pregnancy. The accuracy of the test depends more on the timing of the test and the sensitivity of the test rather than whether it is digital or traditional. Both types can be highly accurate when used correctly. Digital tests can sometimes be easier to read because they state ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’, eliminating confusion over interpreting lines.

How often should I use an hCG kit if I’m actively trying to conceive in Australia?

If you’re actively trying to conceive in Australia, using an hCG kit is recommended once you’ve missed your period. This is because hCG levels may not be detectable until after your missed period. If the test is negative, but you still suspect you’re pregnant, you can retest after a few days. Remember, hCG levels typically double every 48 hours in early pregnancy.

Can medications or health conditions affect the results of an early detection test?

Yes, certain medications and health conditions can potentially affect the results of an early detection test. For instance, fertility drugs that contain hCG might give a false positive result. On the other hand, conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can sometimes cause a false negative result. If you’re taking medication or have a health condition and are unsure about your test results, it’s best to consult with a healthcare provider in Australia.

Can I use an hCG kit at any time of the day?

While you can technically use an hCG kit at any time, the most accurate results are usually obtained from testing the first urine of the day. This is because hCG concentrations are typically highest in the morning. If you test later in the day, avoid drinking large amounts of fluid beforehand, as this can dilute your urine and make hCG harder to detect.

What should I do if I get a positive result on my early detection test in Australia?

If you get a positive result on your early detection test in Australia, it’s recommended to contact a healthcare provider to confirm the pregnancy and start prenatal care. Even though home tests are usually very accurate, a healthcare provider can confirm the result with a blood test and start monitoring your pregnancy. Early prenatal care is important for the health of both the mother and the baby.

Can I buy pregnancy tests online in Australia?

Yes, you can buy pregnancy tests online in Australia. Fertility2Family offers a variety of pregnancy tests, including midstream and traditional tests. Buying online can often be more convenient and cheaper, especially if you’re buying in bulk.

How reliable are home pregnancy tests compared to tests done in a clinic in Australia?

Home pregnancy tests in Australia are designed to be very reliable and are similar to the tests used in a doctor’s office. They work by detecting the hormone hCG in your urine, produced when you’re pregnant. Many home hCG tests can be over 99% accurate if used correctly. However, the accuracy can depend on factors such as when you take the test and how closely you follow the instructions. A blood test at a clinic can detect pregnancy earlier and measure the exact amount of hCG, but these are usually not necessary unless there are specific concerns.

Are there places to get free pregnancy tests in Australia?

Yes, there are places in Australia where you can get a hCG test for free or at a reduced cost. Some community health centres, women’s and family planning clinics may offer free or low-cost pregnancy tests. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and check. Some online services and charities also provide free pregnancy tests, so it’s worth researching to see what’s available in your area.


In most cases, the cost of doing a home hCG test at home ranges from a few dollars to at least twenty dollars. The blood tests your doctor performs in the office will likely cost more, and insurance coverage details vary from one provider to another.

Talk to your medical provider about any issues you have. This includes queries about the price of a test if you have any questions or concerns about the subject. In addition, if you are looking for hCG tests that are either free or available at a lower cost, your doctor and the health department may share information on useful community resources.

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