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Home Pregnancy Tests


When you are trying to conceive, you need tests that are quick, reliable and easy to understand. Our Fertility2Family home pregnancy test kits are laboratory tested for accuracy, are highly sensitive, and help with early detection.

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You don’t want to wait for a missed period to know if you might be pregnant. With our pregnancy tests and fertility test kits, you don’t have to. Our early-detection pregnancy tests are available in two forms: the pregnancy strip test and the pregnancy midstream tests. Both forms can provide you with early detection the week before your period is due. Although both test types are equally reliable and accurate, the mid-stream test does not require you to collect a urine sample. It comes in a plastic casing that makes it easy to use by just holding the test in the stream of your urine while you urinate. Both types are easy to use and reliable – the test that’s right for you simply depends on your preference.

What to Know About At-Home Pregnancy Tests

At-home pregnancy tests are simple, convenient tools used to detect early pregnancy. They work by identifying the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone produced by the placenta shortly after a fertilised egg attaches to the uterus wall. Using a urine sample, these tests offer a quick and private way to determine if you’re pregnant, often even before you miss a period. They provide accuracy and easy use, making them a trusted choice for women worldwide to confirm conception.

Available in different forms, such as test strips or midstream tests, both are non-invasive options that are entirely painless to use. Plus, results appear within minutes. All of our home pregnancy tests come with clear instructions, so you get the most from your testing kit. But the best pregnancy tests offer value for your money without compromising on accuracy, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you shop with Fertility2Family.

Why Should You Get At-Home Pregnancy Tests?

At-home pregnancy tests, such as pregnancy strips, offer many advantages for women looking to confirm conception: they provide quick, reliable results in the privacy of your own home, they can detect pregnancy early, often before a missed period, and they allow you to manage your health proactively (especially if medication adjustments are needed upon conception). These factors make at-home tests a convenient and essential tool in your family planning toolkit.

Early Pregnancy Tests vs. At-Home Pregnancy Tests

Early pregnancy tests are a crucial tool, particularly for women who need to adjust their medication intake promptly upon confirmation of pregnancy. They’re also invaluable for those actively trying to conceive. However, it’s worth noting that these early tests carry a marginally increased risk of producing inaccurate results. To ensure certainty, it’s recommended to confirm the results with another home pregnancy test once the absence of your period has been established.

Fertility2Family provides highly sensitive and cheap home pregnancy test kits for accurate detection of early pregnancy. All our pregnancy tests are easy to use and individually packeted, which ensures a sterile environment that protects them from moisture and direct exposure to sunlight. We discreetly deliver our affordable pregnancy tests across Australia and take the stress out of waiting.

Shop our range today, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing between tests or more information.

Home Pregnancy Tests FAQ

How Soon Will a Pregnancy Test Read Positive?
For our pregnancy strip tests, interpret the test results after 3 minutes but not after 5; after five minutes, the urine can start to dry, leading to evaporation lines that can sometimes be mistaken for a faint positive line. For midstream pregnancy tests, wait for one minute for the urine to completely travel through the test before you can start reading the results. Again, do not interpret test results after 5 minutes. If the test in inconclusive or the lines are faint, take another.
How Early Can You Test For Pregnancy?
Both our midstream and strip home pregnancy tests at Fertility2Family are early detection, which means can often provide positive results a few days before your missed period. This is usually about 10-14 days after ovulation, depending on the level of hCG hormone in your body, which these tests detect. Our tests are considered among the most sensitive hCG detection tests available in the market, allowing for earlier detection than other tests.
Can I Get a False Positive Result?
While our midstream and pregnancy strip tests have been proven to be greater than 99% accurate when used with our pregnancy test instructions, it is still possible to receive pregnancy test errors or false positive results. False positives, although uncommon, can occur due to several reasons, such as chemical pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, recent miscarriages or abortions, certain medications, evaporation lines, or specific medical conditions. If you’re uncertain about a positive test, consider retesting after a few days or consult a healthcare provider.
Can I Reuse a Pregnancy Test?
No, pregnancy tests are not to be reused. After a test has been used once, it’s no longer valid. If you wish to conduct multiple tests, it’s advisable to buy several kits to ensure you can retest or confirm your results as needed.
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