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Basal Thermometers

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Predicting your ovulation and fertility window is a great first step for families trying to conceive. A basal thermometer can take the stress away from trying to predict when the best time is to try and conceive.

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Our affordable basal body temperature thermometer provides you with accurate temperature readings so you can easily calculate your date of ovulation. Knowing and taking note of your basal body temperature regularly can help with your conception journey.

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Track ovulation with a basal thermometer

Basal body temperature is a medical term that means your lowest body temperature at rest. When you are using your basal thermometer for ovulation, it’s important to take your temperature first thing in the morning. This is when your body is most relaxed. 

Basal thermometers give more accurate temperature readings than normal household thermometers and can detect minor changes in temperature in the body. During ovulation, basal body temperature rises 0.2°C (0.4F). Using a basal thermometer to track this change allows you to monitor your ovulation. For this reason, a basal thermometer is sometimes referred to as an ovulation thermometer in Australia. At Fertility2Family, any basal thermometer you buy is accurate to 0.01°C. Please visit our blog for more information and advice on fertility and ovulation.

Order a basal thermometer online

Our basal body thermometers can be purchased online from the comfort and privacy of your home. Purchase our easy-to-use basal thermometer in Australia today for discreet, free home delivery. Fertility2Family’s basal thermometers are also available to buy in our Fertility Test Home Kits, so you can purchase everything you need to begin trying to conceive at a great value price.