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Urine Collection Cups

Did you know that we offer 20 x Pregnancy Tests + 20 x Collection Cups! for customers who spend more than $110 per order? That means you only need to spend $110.00 more to get your free products

Urine collection cups are the perfect option for hassle-free tests at home. Whether you want to take pregnancy tests or ovulation tests, urine cups can help make testing so much easier and cleaner. High quality, cheap and easily disposable urine collection cups, now available at Fertility2Family.

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No more false positives or waiting games — making at-home testing easy with urine collection cups from Fertility2Family. We are here to help you achieve safe, accurate results every time. Fast, reliable and easy to use. 

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Urine cups from Fertility2Family

Our urine cups make the testing process more hygienic. With no learning curve or special technique required, our urine collection container cups are designed to make the testing process simpler and more straightforward. Our cups include a small handle that allows you to hold the cup during the urine collection process and when you dip your ovulation tests into the urine collection cup. Clean and easy!

Get accurate results with a urine collection cup

With minimal fuss and clean-up time, our disposable urine collection cups make using early detection pregnancy kits and ovulation tests so much easier. This is because the depth of a 40 ml cup allows you to get enough of a sample to use multi-home pregnancy or ovulation tests. Affordable and convenient, they’re compatible with all types of test strips, including; a urine ovulation test, a urine pregnancy test and a midstream test. When you order your urine collection cups from Fertility2Family, you’ll receive a handy guide and helpful instructions to help you navigate the process effortlessly. 

Buy your urine collection cup

With Fertility2Family, you can stock up and save because our urine collection cups are able to be purchased separately in packs of 10 to 200 or for free with selected fertility kits


Fertility2Family is proud to be your partner on your pregnancy journey. An Australian-owned and operated company, we keep a large quantity of our products in stock so that your order can be delivered as soon as possible. When you select Fertility2Family, you are selecting quality and security. Shop confidently and enjoy discreet, fast and free shipping when you order your urine collection container cups. Individually packaged and quality assured, discover the difference for yourself today.