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Ovulation Tests

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The Fertility2Family ovulation test kits are an easy, convenient, and reliable method of determining your ovulation and fertility window. Knowing your fertility window can help you time sexual intercourse so that your body has the maximum chance of conception. 

Fertility2Family Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs) are available in the form of an ovulation strip test and the ovulation midstream test. Buy ovulation tests online with free delivery Australia-wide.

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Ovulation tests

Use our ovulation test kits to track your cycle and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Knowing your body’s ovulation cycle can support your journey to starting a family and increase your chances of conceiving. When you know your most fertile window, you can time sexual intercourse. An ovulation test can accurately tell you when you are most likely to conceive, taking the guesswork out of becoming pregnant.

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Monitor your cycle with a reliable ovulation test kit

Ovulation tests work by measuring your hormones to predict when ovulation will occur. The tests function by detecting the presence of the fertility hormone Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your urine. The ‘LH Surge’ is a substantial increase in the level of LH immediately before ovulation. Any home ovulation test’s purpose is to identify this rise, allowing you to pinpoint the date of your ovulation.


Our advanced ovulation tests will identify a rise in this hormone before you release an egg. Pinpointing ovulation helps to increase your chances of conceiving, as the only time an egg can be fertilised is within the 6 to 24-hour window after ovulation. These changes are generally undetectable, which is why an ovulation thermometer is essential. Our blog contains more advice on how ovulation tests work and which one is best for you.

Cheap ovulation tests Australia

At Fertility2Family, our ovulation tests are quality assured so you can rely on their accuracy to assist you in your fertility journey. Our low-cost, individually packaged tests are discreet, meaning you can test when you are at home, at work or on the go. We are here to support you, all of our products come with a how-to information sheet so you can feel confident when using an advanced ovulation test. We sell two types of ovulation tests: midstream ovulation tests and strip ovulation tests allowing you to choose the best ovulation test for your needs. 

Buy ovulation tests online

Our cheap, reliable ovulation tests are available to buy individually, in bulk or as part of a value pack. Fertility2Family’s Fertility kits provide you with everything you need to begin conceiving at a great value price. Shop online today for fast, free delivery across Australia.