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Pregnancy Test Strips

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The pregnancy strip tests are a cheaper and much more affordable choice, but they will require you to collect a small sample of your urine in a urine collection cup. Our early detection pregnancy tests allow you to get accurate results as early as seven days before your expected period is due.

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With a pregnancy test strip from Fertility2Family, you can quickly discover if there’s a new family member on the way. But before you buy pregnancy test strips, read on to learn how they work.

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  • Early pregnancy test strips look for traces of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is a hormone you only make if you’re pregnant.
  • You can test 5-7 days before your expected period or 7 days after your ovulation date.
  • All tests come with user-friendly instructions so you can easily interpret the results.

What’s great about our cheap pregnancy test strips is that they can detect the earliest signs of pregnancy, which is perfect for couples trying to conceive. However, since there’s always the chance our early pregnancy test strips may produce a false positive or false negative result, it’s best to take a confirmatory test if your period is late.

What’s more, a pregnancy test strip is usually cheaper than a midstream testing kit, but it’s all about which kit works best for you!

To use your early pregnancy test strips effectively:

  • Collect urine in a urine collection cup.
  • Remove the strip from the packaging by the coloured end to avoid contamination.
  • Immerse the strip and remove it after 15 seconds. Try not to leave the testing strip in longer than this.
  • You can read the result after 3 minutes. Don’t leave it longer than 5 minutes. Start a fresh test instead.

At Fertility2Family, we offer a selection of pregnancy test strips to buy online. Shop from our range of early pregnancy test strips now, and don’t hesitate to contact us for help in selecting the right product.