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1 x Ovulation Mid-Stream Tests


Using home ovulation tests will help increase your chances of getting pregnant. Buy Ovulation Midstream Tests & discover when the best time for intercourse is! Fast shipping Australia wide

1 x Ovulation Midstream Tests

If you’d like to conceive, it’s essential to avoid guesswork, and there isn’t a better solution than knowing when you ovulate so you can time your sexual activities. Our affordable and easy-to-use ovulation midstream tests will help you know when you are the most fertile to increase your chances of conception.

Our customers love using our ovulation midstream tests because they are reliable, affordable, and TGA-approved, and the quality is guaranteed.

Buying ovulation tests in bulk allows you to test as often as needed without financial constraints. Besides saving money, you will understand your ovulation cycle, increasing your pregnancy chances. After all, you only have a 12-24 hour fertile window when your fertility is at its peak.

1 x Ovulation Mid-Stream Tests
Ovulation Midstream Tests are reliable, individually packaged, and quality assured. Buy Ovulation predictor kits to improve your chances of getting pregnant. 

How Ovulation Midstream tests work

Our objective at Fertility2Family is to ensure women who use our products feel confident about them, which is why all our ovulation midstream tests have detailed instructions on when to use an ovulation test.

The ovulation test instructions are easy to understand and let you know when and how to take the ovulation test from home. You will also learn how to read the results of your ovulation midstream tests & when in your cycle, you should start testing for your luteinising hormone surge with an OPK. 

These affordable ovulation midstream tests work by letting you check your monthly luteinising hormone surge – the sudden increase of LH in your urine right before ovulation. LH is the hormone that’s responsible for facilitating the egg-releasing process from either of the ovaries. Once you detect your luteinising hormone surge, it will be easier to identify the period when you are most fertile.

Ovulation and menstrual cycle

Ovulation usually occurs in the middle of every menstrual cycle (day 14/15), provided you have a regular cycle. But it’s critical to remember that every woman is different and can vary from month to month. Besides, a released egg can only be fertilised within 6-24 hours after ovulation, so it will be easier to increase your chances of conceiving when you know your body’s cycle. All our ovulation predictor kits come with a minimum 20 months expiry, so you have enough time to use the ovulation midstream tests you’ll buy, getting value for your money.

Predicting your fertile window with an Ovulation Midstream test

Using our ovulation midstream tests is pretty straightforward. You simply need to pee on the test strip or stick (no need to use a cup, but you can if you find it easier), then wait a few seconds for the indicator to reveal the results.

Our ovulation midstream tests come with two lines that assist in showing the results. The first is the control line that confirms the LH test is working as expected, and the other is the test line that shows if you are ovulating. So, once you do the LH test and the second line appears dark or darker than the control line, you will ovulate in the next 12-36 hours. This is the best time to plan to have sex because the chances of falling pregnant are higher.

Generally, your body has low levels of LH throughout your cycle, so if the test line appears lighter compared to the control line, it will signify that you haven’t ovulated yet or have missed detecting your peak LH surge. We suggest using the ovulation midstream test instructions and the attached chart to determine which day of your menstrual cycle you should start testing from.

Image courtesy of The Bright Girl Guide by Demi Spaccavento. Most fertile days in your cycle

How to use Ovulation Midstream tests to determine the most fertile days in a month.

If you have a regular menstruation cycle, your ovulation occurs in the mid of your menstrual cycle. Therefore, it’s advisable to use ovulation midstream tests some days before the cycle’s midway point. For instance, if you have a 28-day cycle, you can take the first test on the 10th or 11th day. If your cycle is irregular, you must use the shortest cycle duration as a guide and start testing 3-4 days before the shortest cycle midpoint.

You might have to take your tests for several days to detect an LH surge in your urine, so don’t do one test and forget about it. This is why it’s best to have several ovulation midstream tests available so you can test twice a day to ensure you don’t miss the chance of identifying your fertile window.

How to use an Ovulation Midstream test

You must follow several guidelines if you’d like to get an accurate reading. They include:

Using the ovulation midstream tests between 10 am and 8 pm. Many women get an LH surge during the morning, and those increased hormone levels can only be picked up in the urine approximately 4 hours later. So, it’s recommended that you test twice a day, once after 10 am or 11 am and again between 5 pm and 10 pm. Regardless of the test time you pick, it’s crucial to conduct the test at the same time every day.

Make sure the urine is concentrated – You must avoid peeing for about an hour or two before taking the test. Avoid consuming large amounts of fluid during this time because this will interfere with the LH concentrations in your urine.

Adhere to all the package directions – All the information written on each ovulation midstream test must be followed carefully to get accurate results.

Once you get a positive result, you can start having sex on that day and in the next two to three days afterwards since ovulation occurs within 36 hours once the levels of LH rise.

In-Stream Ovulation Test Kit
How to read ovulation midstream tests results


How accurate are LH urine tests?

The ovulation predictor kits we provide at Fertility2Family have been proven to be the most effective and least invasive way to know your most fertile. The ovulation midstream test is accurate to 99% when the instructions are followed correctly, making them the most ideal and reliable at-home ovulation option.

You must remember a few things if you’d like to get accurate results from our midstream test. First, it’s essential to understand that these ovulation predictor kits work perfectly for women with relatively predictable cycles. They will show if your LH levels have risen to trigger ovulation. This makes predicting the most suitable time to conceive easier, even if they do not guarantee that conception will automatically occur.

Note that the ovulation midstream test may not work if you have highly irregular periods, certain health conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, or taking medications like fertility drugs, antibiotics, and hormones. All these factors will impact the ovulation midstream test, and you may get inaccurate results.

For how long will you be fertile after getting a positive ovulation result?

On average, women have about a 60-hour fertile window, but this varies from one person to another. The eggs are only viable for about a day after they are released, and by the time you get a positive ovulation test, you will have between 12 to 36 hours to ovulate. 

Can I buy bulk ovulation test kits?

Our objective is to ensure every woman gets the chance to conceive when she is ready. For this reason, we provide a wide range of ovulation test kits tailored to suit every user’s fertility journey. You can buy an ovulation test, starting from 1x to 100x, and your requirements will determine the package you choose. We also provide other products such as basal ovulation thermometers and Conceive Plus pregnancy tests, among other products, all designed into affordable fertility kits.

Are there risks associated with using ovulation midstream tests?

One of the primary reasons ovulation predictor kits are so popular today is that they are effective, safe, and affordable. Most people who have used them will attest that they are the most suitable way to find out when you are ovulating and maximise your chances of conceiving without putting yourself at risk. Besides, they are highly accurate when used as directed. 

The only real downside is that they aren’t 100% foolproof. The test can indicate false positive results if the levels of the LH go high and ovulation doesn’t occur, particularly if you have conditions like PCOS or are undergoing fertility treatment. Also, you could easily miss your ovulation window if you test too late or too early. That’s why it’s recommended that you take two tests a day a few days before the expected ovulation date.

So, use ovulation strips as they are a safe and affordable way to know your fertile window when you want to get pregnant. If you have PCOS or irregular periods or taking medication, consult with your OB/GYN to know if the best way to identify your fertile window is to use ovulation predictor kits.

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Download Midstream Ovulation Test Instructions
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