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5 x Ovulation Mid-Stream Tests


Did you know using home ovulation tests can increase your chances of falling pregnant? Buy cheap ovualtion tests and predict when you are most fertile!

Best Ovulation Tests in 2019, 2020 & 2021 as rated by Australians

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Our strip tests are the same accuracy, sensitivity and quality as the midstream tests, just without the plastic casing.

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5 x Ovulation Mid-Stream Tests

Fertility2Family easy home ovulation tests are easy to use and affordable. Use them to know when you are ovulating to increase your chances of getting pregnant. knowing the right time to try for a baby because our ovulation test kits will provide you with results in 40 seconds.

You can use our home ovulation test anytime and anywhere because each test comes individually packaged, providing maximum convenience. You don’t have to collect a urine sample but instead, urinate onto the ovulation stick directly. It’s easy and straightforward to track your fertility whether you’re at the office, at home, or out on a couples date.

Fertility tracking plays a significant role for couples who are trying to conceive. Home ovulation tests are an ideal way of knowing when you’re most likely to become pregnant.

 cheap Ovulation Tests
The Best Ovulation Tests in 2019, 2020 & 2021 as rated by Australians on

What to Expect From LH Urine Tests

Our ovulation tests work by detecting the luteinising hormone found in a user’s urine to determine periods of maximum fertility. Luteinizing hormone (LH) present in urine increases right before ovulation, and the clear spike is an indication that it’s a good time to conceive.

Using a home ovulation test and getting a positive result indicates the right time for intercourse and fertilisation. However, if the result is negative, it’s a sign that you should wait for your next window of opportunity.

Countless studies have indicated that ovulation tracking is the most effective way to help you conceive. Home ovulation tests are accurate, discreet, and straightforward. A positive result shows that you have about 6 to 24 hours before the start of maximum fertility. You cannot miss your window of opportunity with our convenient and easy-to-use pocket-sized kits.

How to Use Easy Home Ovulation Test

Our easy home ovulation test has four quick steps that you should follow. We also send an ovulation test instructions guide to every customer that they can download with answers on how to use an instream ovulation test, when to use an ovulation test and how to interpret home ovulation test results.

Even though our tests are non-invasive, our goal is to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable every step of the way. The ovulation test instructions of the midstream ovulation test also include tips that will help you know the right time in your menstrual cycle to do a home ovulation test.

Every in-stream ovulation stick comes wrapped individually. You need to remove it from its wrapper for you to use the home ovulation test.

Remove the protective cap carefully, and make sure you don’t touch the absorbent tip. Touching the exposed tip could contaminate the sample, and you may end up with an invalid ovulation test result.

Hold the test stick underneath your urine stream the same way you would when taking a pregnancy test and urinate on the absorbent tip and wait for it to get saturated. After you finish doing the test, replace the protective cap, place the stick on a flat surface facing upward, and wash your hands.

How to Interpret Ovulation Tests

Our easy home ovulation test from Fertility2Family detects the presence of a hormone known as luteinising hormone or LH present in urine within 40 seconds. That is all the time needed for you to get the result.

A POSITIVE result will show two coloured lines. If there are two lines, present a positive result is when both lines are consistent in colour on a positive ovulation stick. These lines will appear very fast. The result is a sign that within the next 12 to 36 hours, you will be ovulating. It means that you need to come up with a plan if you are trying for a baby.

A NEGATIVE result will show a single-coloured line next to the control, or If you do the test and two lines appear where the test line is much lighter than the control line, the result is most likely negative. 

It is best to wait for 10 minutes after doing the test if the result appears negative. In rare cases, it may take a little longer for a positive result to appear; that is why you have to wait for 10 minutes for the chemicals to develop fully according to the instream test instructions.

In-Stream Ovulation Test Kit
How to read In-Stream ovulation kit results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does an easy home ovulation test know the right time to conceive? 

Home ovulation tests work by detecting a hormone known as LH (luteinising hormone) found in urine. A positive LH test result shows that the ovary will release an egg soon or has just released one, so fertilisation is likely to occur after sexual intercourse.

When is the best time to do an easy home ovulation test?

You can do home ovulation tests at any time to determine your fertile window. Our ovulation kits can be brought in bulk packs of home ovulation kits, so you have more than plenty of them available because they will not run out anytime soon. However, you can sync your home test with your menstrual cycle to maximise the value. To know how to do these, download our ovulation test instructions and read them. If you cannot consult the instream instructions or are unsure even after reading the instructions, take the test on the 11th day of your cycle (CD 11). Then do one test every day for five days until you get a positive result that shows you’re ovulating which means you can get pregnant.

How long after a positive result will I ovulate?

After a positive result, it is best to plan for sexual intercourse within 12 to 36 hours. It is the best chance for you to get pregnant. However, note that ovulation is different from one woman to another.

Are ovulation kits reliable?

Fertility2Family easy home ovulation tests are 99% accurate if you perform the LH test correctly. Go through the LH instructions carefully and use the easy home ovulation tests as instructed to avoid inaccurate readings. All our tests meet industry standards and are quality checked for accuracy and reliability.

Can I use a home ovulation test to know if I’m pregnant?

Technically, yes. However, the accuracy of the result when using our easy home ovulation tests cannot be guaranteed when used for testing for pregnancy. It’s because they are not designed for testing for pregnancy. The hormone used to test for ovulation is largely indistinguishable from the hormone which detects pregnancy. So, if you think that a positive ovulation kit means that you may be expecting, we strongly advise taking a home pregnancy test. A positive home ovulation test on its own is not enough proof of conception.

Do I have to buy home ovulation tests?

Fertility2Family sells a variety of quantities of easy home ovulation tests. The largest pack contains 200 ovulation strips, with each individually wrapped. The smallest pack has five ovulation midstream tests. We have a home test kit to match all your fertility tracking needs.

Do home ovulation tests expire?

Yes, all of them have an expiring date. Even though they can be stored and kept for a long time, our tests last for 20 months. Ovulation kits contain living antibodies, and over time they deteriorate. Using an expired ovulation predictor kit will not have any adverse health effects, but the results may be inaccurate. Expired home ovulation tests have impaired reliability, so we strongly advise against using them.

Can a home ovulation kit tell me when I’m most likely to get pregnant?

After a positive home test, the best time for sexual intercourse is within 12 to 36 hours if you’re trying to conceive. The test stick will show two coloured lines indicating that you are most fertile.

What does it mean if the test line is much lighter than the control line?

Ovulation test results are very different from pregnancy home kits results because a faint line is not a sign of a positive result. A positive result is only known when both lines are clear and dark. When the test line turns lighter than the control line, it shows that you’re not ovulating yet, and the result is negative. A result of a faint test line and dark control line does not indicate that you will not start ovulating soon. It means that it’s not the most optimal time for you to conceive. But if the results show two dark lines, you are most fertile.

Are there any ways to increase my reproductive health and fertility?

Fertility supplements are an affordable and safe way to increase your reproductive health and general health and fitness if you’re trying to conceive. There are hundreds of combinations and brands to choose from, so if you’re unsure which to choose, consult your doctor, and they will advise you on the best. Conceive Plus Women’s Ovulation & PCOS Support is one of our most popular reproductive supplements. It’s best for women with PCOS and those suffering from conditions that affect healthy and regular menstrual cycle regulations.

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Download Midstream Ovulation Test Instructions

Detailed Instructions  –  Discreet, Fast Shipping  –  Quality Home Ovulation Tests



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