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200 x Pregnancy Strip Tests + 200 x Strip Test Urine Collection Cups


Buy accurate & reliable Australian pregnancy tests. Fertility2Family pregnancy tests are highly sensitive, 10mIU/Ml and TGA-approved.

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200 x Pregnancy Strip Tests + 200 x Strip Test Collection Cups

If you are experiencing early pregnancy signs, confirming your suspicions and making the necessary changes in your life is important. At Fertility2Family, we provide high-quality early pregnancy tests that allow you to test for early pregnancy even before missing your period. Our pregnancy test strips are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to detect pregnancy and have been used by many women in Australia and worldwide. 

So, consider this package if you are looking for the most suitable dip and read HCG kits. It comes with 200 pregnancy tests & 200 urine collection cups, meaning you can test as many times as you need without leaving your home. Each strip is packed individually and quality-assured so you can test with confidence.

early pregnancy tests
How long does it take for hCG to show up in urine? With the Fertility2Family pregnancy test, you can begin testing up to seven days before your period is due.
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What are home pregnancy strip tests?

A home pregnancy test (HPT) is a simple device to detect human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG hormone in urine. This pregnancy hormone is secreted immediately after the fertilised egg is implanted in the uterus lining. Our highly sensitive pregnancy tests can detect hCG levels in the urine at 10mIU/ml, making them one of the best pregnancy tests you can buy in Australia.

Using our pregnancy tests, you can detect pregnancy as early as seven days after ovulation or about seven days before the expected period date. But we always recommend using the first-morning urine when testing this early because hCG levels are still low. This will assist you in getting reliable results every time you use the strips. Having diluted urine will lower the concentrations of hCG, making it difficult for the pregnancy kit to detect pregnancy even if you conceived.

Why do you need urine collection cups?

We always provide urine collection cups to make the testing process more manageable. These 40 ml cups will collect enough samples for your pregnancy test whenever you are ready to test. Generally, the collection cups come in packs of 10, 30, and up to 200, so this package will provide 200 cups to make your experience easier.

The material used to make the cups is compatible with home pregnancy tests and will not introduce any elements that could interfere with the test results. Therefore, make sure you use these collection cups for your ovulation and pregnancy tests, and if you run out, you can always order them separately on our website.

Why are at-home pregnancy tests considered the best?

Due to the vast number of home pregnancy tests available today, choosing the ideal type can be difficult. Nonetheless, you are responsible for ensuring the pregnancy test you use will provide reliable results. In most cases, the hCG test kits you find may not be sensitive enough to detect the required hCG hormone levels, especially during the early days of pregnancy. But when you buy our at-home pregnancy strip tests, you will not have to worry about the product’s reliability, accuracy, and quality. 

Here are some of the reasons why users prefer our strip tests:

Reliability – One of the primary factors that must be considered when selecting a home pregnancy test is reliability. Nobody wants to buy a pregnancy test only to get false positives or negatives after testing. At Fertility2Family, we understand the needs of our customers, which is why we provide pregnancy test strips that are lab tested for reliability and accuracy. We also take pride in the quality of our products because they go through rigorous quality test checks before hitting the market.

Affordability – In most cases, people take multiple pregnancy tests before getting a positive result. Buying a few test kits each time you need to test can be very costly, and that’s why it’s recommended that you purchase high-quality early detection hCG kits in bundles. Our 200x package will allow you to test as many times as you need without worrying about the expenses, making it an affordable option compared to other suppliers.

Usability – The best way to ensure you get lab results when testing for a pregnancy at home is to buy an easy-to-use hCG test kit. Our pregnancy test strips are not challenging to use; all you need to do is follow the simple instructions printed on the test kit.

What steps should be followed when using a pregnancy test?

  • When you wake up, collect a urine specimen in the strip test collection cups.
  • Take one pregnancy test kit, and remove the strip from the wrap.
  • Hold the strip with the arrow pointing downward and dip it into the urine sample. Put it in the urine for 15 seconds or until the urine begins to travel up the strip but does not allow the urine to cross the max line.
  • Place the pregnancy test on a flat surface and wait for the reaction to complete to get accurate readings.

We always recommend that you follow the instructions on the test kits whenever you are using our products. This will assist you in knowing the best time to do the test and the time it takes before reading the results.

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Interpretation of results on our Pregnancy Test Strips

Pregnancy Test Strip Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How early can I test for pregnancy?

Fertility2family early detection hCG kits can detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin hCG five to seven days before you miss your period. So if you think you might be pregnant, you may test a week before the expected period date. But it’s important to know that the hormone level increase rate varies from woman to woman, so if you do not get a positive result, test again after missing your periods.

What’s the most suitable time to test for pregnancy?

We always recommend using first-morning urine for any test you take before missing your periods. This is because the levels of HCG are usually higher in the morning, so the chances of detecting pregnancy will be higher. If you have to take the test during the day, consider not urinating for two or more hours before you test a urine sample. Make sure you don’t take any drinks to avoid diluting the urine. But the urine collection time usually doesn’t matter later in the pregnancy because the levels of HCG increase as you progress.

What are the benefits of using Fertility2family early detection hCG kits?

Using our early detection test strips offers several benefits. For instance, early detection hCG kits are affordable and easy to use. You don’t need to wait too long to get reliable results after testing. The results will be accurate, provided you follow the instructions correctly. Therefore, using our products is better because they will help you detect pregnancy early and plan accordingly. For example, you can visit your healthcare provider on time and change any lifestyle habits that could affect your pregnancy, such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

What should I do if I’m not sure of the results?

For a result to be positive, you would need to see two lines on the window. Even if the test line is not as coloured as the control line, you will still be pregnant. If you get one line, then it means the result was negative. The chances are that you’re not pregnant, or you tested too early before the levels of HCG increased and became detectable. We recommend that you resume testing after a few days with a new test strip to confirm if you are expectant or not.

Can the home pregnancy test detect pregnancy if I have irregular periods?

Yes, Fertility2Family’s early detection hCG kits, sold in Australia, can detect pregnancy even if you have irregular periods. However, timing the test can be tricky as irregular cycles can make it harder to predict when your period is due—waiting until the longest possible cycle length after your last period is recommended.

How reliable are early detection hCG kits in detecting pregnancy with twins or multiples?

Early detection hCG kits, like those from Fertility2Family in Australia, are designed to detect hCG produced during pregnancy. HCG levels are often higher in multiple pregnancies, but a standard home pregnancy test cannot confirm the number of fetuses. A healthcare provider can confirm a multiple pregnancy with an ultrasound.

Can I use a home pregnancy test after IVF treatment?

Yes, home pregnancy tests can be used after IVF treatment. However, following your fertility clinic’s advice about when to test is important. In Australia, Fertility2Family’s home pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to detect low hCG levels, but remember that hormonal injections given during IVF can lead to a false positive.

Does the home pregnancy test work for women of all ages?

Yes, Fertility2Family’s home pregnancy tests available in Australia can work for women of all ages in their reproductive years. However, it’s important to note that hormonal changes related to menopause can occasionally affect the test results. If in doubt, always consult with a healthcare provider.

Can the home pregnancy test detect ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages?

Home pregnancy tests, like those sold by Fertility2Family in Australia, detect the hCG hormone, indicating pregnancy. However, they cannot specify the location of the pregnancy or see a miscarriage. If an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage is suspected, immediate medical attention should be sought.

Can stress or lifestyle factors affect the accuracy of a home pregnancy test?

Stress or lifestyle factors generally don’t affect the accuracy of home pregnancy tests. Fertility2Family’s early detection hCG kits available in Australia are reliable and designed to detect hCG, regardless of stress levels. However, extreme stress can affect your menstrual cycle, which might affect the timing of the test.

Do certain medications or health conditions affect pregnancy test results?

If you test too soon after taking fertility drugs that contain HCG, you may get a false-positive result. You can also get the same result if you recently stopped taking hormonal contraceptives or use fertility medication like clomiphene citrate. Consider consulting a healthcare provider if you get a positive result. Also, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, menopause, and other rare medical conditions can lead to misleading results.

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