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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Saver 75ml + 16 Applicators


Australian Conceive Plus is a fertility-friendly personal lubricant scientifically formulated to match fertile cervical liquid and sperm, enhance sexual activity and increase the likelihood of conception.

RRP: $89.85

Conceive Plus 75 ml + Conceive Plus Applicators 16 x 4g

Conceive Plus is the most reliable and fertility-friendly lubricant couples can use when getting pregnant. Due to high demand and the desire to meet our client’s needs, we offer value packs at an affordable rate. Our Conceive Plus saver includes one multi-use tube for him and 16 pre-filled applicators for her.

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Buy Conceive Plus Saver 75ml + 16 Applicators (2 Months Supply) 
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What is Conceive Plus lubricant?

Conceive Plus is the only fertility-safe lubricant with magnesium and calcium ions, vital for cell viability and fertilisation. Some outstanding basic features of this product are outlined below:

  • The personal fertility lubricant is safe for partners who are trying to conceive.
  • Experts in the medical field in over 60 countries recommend this product.
  • Conceive Plus supports fertilisation naturally, thanks to the ions in it.
  • It’s the only product the FDA & TGA ( Australian regulatory body) cleared as fertilisation and embryo compatibility.
  • It is formulated specifically to provide positive results and support fertility naturally.
  • It’s non-irritating to the vaginal or penile tissue
  • It’s not toxic to living cells

Conceive Plus lubricant is specifically formulated to match the sperm and cervical mucus, making it easy to enhance the user’s sexual experience. Keep reading to know the key benefits of using this lubricant.

conceive plus fertility lubricant bundle
Conceive Plus fertility lubricant bundle is the cheapest in Australia 

What’s Conceive Plus fertility lubricant used for?

Conceive Plus is the best penile/vaginal application lubricant today. The product is intended to lubricate and moisturise these areas to enhance the comfort and ease of sexual activities while supplementing the body’s natural lubrication. Conceive Plus is compatible with oocytes, sperm, and embryos, unlike other lubricants. It can also be used by all couples trying to conceive, even if they have fertility problems. For years, Conceive Plus product has been used in fertility interventions to promote the entry of therapeutic devices into the vaginal cavity. It is also compatible with condoms made of latex and polyurethane, but you cannot use it with condoms made of synthetic polyisoprene.

Therefore, consider buying an Australian Conceive Plus saver with a 1x 75 ml multi-use tube and 16 x pre-filled Conceive Plus applicators today!

How the features in Conceive Plus improve fertility and chances of conceiving

The quality ingredients and features that Harvard doctors used to formulate Conceive Plus play an essential role in the reproductive health of the user, and it’s what sets Conceive Plus lubricant apart. Some of them are outlined below:

Patented with calcium and magnesium ions

This is the only sperm-friendly lubricant that contains key ions. These ions are fundamental for the conception process. For example, the body requires magnesium ions for hundreds of biochemical processes. So, it’s no surprise that the ions are needed for a healthy conception. Calcium helps transport magnesium and keeps the central nervous system healthy.

Controlled osmolality and pH

The formula for the multi-use tube and applicators is pH optimised per the World Health Organisation requirements. Because Conceive Plus fertility lubricant is not acidic and does not interfere with sperm, sperm will easily mix with the lubricant. This enhances the conception experience and improves the odds of fertilisation.

Conceive Plus 75ml multi-use tube.

The fertility-friendly lubricant usually comes in a multi-use tube that applies and works like tegular lubricants. However, unlike other lubricants, this product is not acidic and will blend seamlessly with sperm, oocytes, and embryos to create a conducive environment for fertilisation and foetus development.

Conceive Plus 16 pre-filled applicators.

The pre-filled applicators in this saver pack will ensure the entire vaginal cavity is adequately covered with lubricant. All you have to do is apply the lubricant for up to 15 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. The tubes are also handy as they ensure adequate covering whenever you have sex.

Reliable vaginal moisturiser

People did not know that vaginal dryness is a primary contributor to infertility for many years. Conceive Plus Australia lubricant came to solve this problem. It lubricates the vaginal and penile area efficiently, giving you more pleasure and creating a conducive environment for fertilisation.

Enhanced sperm viability and motility

Many factors contribute to enhanced sperm migration, where conceive plus comes in. Human reproductive system specialists developed this product to promote sperm migration to the fallopian tube. They included components like balanced pH, osmolality, ions, and replicated fluids naturally found in the body. All this was done to ensure couples get a superior product that promotes fertility and fertilisation.

Conceive Plus fertility lubricant
Conceive Plus fertility lubricant has a unique patented formula that contains both Calcium and Magnesium ions.

Directions to use Conceive Plus multi-use tube

Check whether the multi-use tube has a safety seal under the cap before first use. If it’s not tempered, you can remove the seal and apply a generous amount of sperm-friendly lubricant to the penis or vagina. Keep reapplying as often as needed to attain the desired lubrication during a sexual act. This version of the sperm-friendly lubricant is ideal for him, so allow your partner to apply as much as he needs.

How do you use the Sperm-Friendly pre-filled applicators?

Conceive Plus Pre-filled applicators are primarily designed for her. Remove the applicator from its box and check if the tamper-evident tab remains intact. If it’s not broken, then you can go ahead and use it. Hold the applicator with the narrow end facing upwards, then twist the tab off and discard it. Insert the narrow end gently into the vagina and ensure it’s deep inside before you squeeze the bulb end twice or thrice to deposit the lubricant into the vagina cavity. Start removing it slowly as you continue to press the bulb’s end.

Remember that each applicator should be used only once, and you cannot store or reuse it after opening it. The application should be made a few minutes before sexual activity (10-15 minutes), so moisture can be dispersed throughout the vagina. Every applicator comes with four grams of lubricant, so if additional moisture is required, you can use another applicator or go for the multi-use tube. When you have a Conceive Plus saver pack containing one multi-use tube and 16 x Conceive Plus pre-filled applicators, you will save money and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Ingredients found in Conceive Plus fertility lubricant

Glycerol, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, disodium phosphate, methylparaben, deionised water, sodium chloride, hypromellose, and sodium phosphate.

How will Conceive Plus promote female fertility?

Suppose you use the fertility lubricant each time you have sex with your partner as you try to conceive. In that case, you will experience increased pleasure, and any adverse effects of vaginal dryness will be avoided. Therefore, it is advisable for couples trying to conceive to use this product. This is particularly important for those experiencing vaginal dryness problems as it affects the chances of getting pregnant.

How does sperm-friendly lube improve male fertility?

The essential ions in Conceive Plus, magnesium, and calcium, are naturally present in human semen and cervical fluids. The minerals are vital for the functionality and movement of sperm. Once you choose to use the Conceive Plus, you will create a fertile-friendly surrounding for the sperm, allowing them to live longer and have the strength to make the journey to fertilise the egg.

Myo-Inositol and fertility
Myo-Inositol and folic acid have been proven to assist with fertility issues.

Bottom line: Sperm-Friendly Lubricants

Creating a family in modern times has been difficult due to our lifestyles and eating habits. The infertility rates among couples trying to conceive are high, which has made the conception process expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, the Conceive Plus team of Harvard doctors created a fertility lubricant that can make things easier for couples who want to grow their families. 

First, lab-created lube maximises the body’s natural fertility capacity through lubrication. Second, calcium and magnesium were added to work with the balanced pH and osmolality. Lastly, the conceptual process was idealised by pairing the pre-filled applicators (for her to insert deep into the vagina 15 minutes before intercourse) and the multi-use tube (used as a regular lube for the vagina and penis).

Conceive Plus boosts conception. 

Conceive Plus is not just a product for people struggling to get children. Even completely fertile couples who find it challenging to conceive can use the product because it enhances the chances of a planned pregnancy. Our passion is ensuring couples of all backgrounds can finally read the two stripes on the pregnancy tests. Therefore, do not hesitate to try to Conceive Plus with our saver pack (1 x 75 ml multi-use tube and 16 x 4g pre-filled Conceive Plus applicators) if you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly. Conceive Plus products are trusted by millions worldwide, so getting it will not be a mistake.

A quick tip: While using the lubricant, do not overthink. Just relax and enjoy the experience; before you know it, you will be pregnant.

Conceive Plus Australian customer reviews

Joy S – This product is just brilliant! I am 30 years old and trying for my second baby. My first pregnancy wasn’t planned, so this is my first time trying to conceive. I used this lubricant for less than a month during my fertile window and managed to conceive immediately. My partner and I had started taking fertility tablets a month before getting the lubricant, but things did not work as expected. I am grateful I came across this incredible product online and recommended it to everyone trying to conceive, as it made my journey easier. Everyone is different, but I give the product a 5-star rating.

Alex M – My partner and I have been together for eight years, and our efforts to get pregnant have been unsuccessful. A friend recommended this product on Facebook, and I decided to try it (I didn’t have anything to lose). After using the lubricant for two months, I am happy to say that we are five months pregnant, even though I was battling endometriosis.

Amy James – Conceive Plus team, thanks, ya’ll! After nine years of raising my firstborn, this product was a big help for me. I can’t wait to see my second child!

Purity – I have PCOS and tried to get pregnant for five years. I only used Conceive Plus for two months and am now 20 weeks pregnant. Never give up on conceiving if you want to have children.

Laura W – My hubby and I have been trying for six years. When I came across Conceive Plus, I decided to try the product, and now I am 30 weeks pregnant. I would recommend it to all couples.

Mrs Paul – I used pre-seed for my first and second pregnancies, and though it worked, I got yeast infections. When we began to try for our third, I decided to do some research, and that’s how I came across Conceive Plus lubricant. We did not conceive immediately after using the lube for external application, but things changed immediately after I got the pre-filled applicator! Expecting my bundle of joy in 2 months.

Alicia – I liked the pre-filled applicator version and used it secretly without informing my husband. I only used the product a few times and was pregnant that month after trying to conceive for about ten months. When it’s time for my second baby, I will use this lube, which worked like a charm! Good luck to you ladies!

Susan – Best money I have spent! After hearing so many good things about this product, I decided to buy it. My husband was travelling for work, so we only used it for five days before my fertile window, and I instantly became pregnant. We were expecting my baby by December 15th! I was not sure it would work so fast, but it was worth the money.

Esther P – Finally, we are pregnant! I missed my rug within a month of using Conceive Plus. The lube makes things more comfortable, and its smell isn’t bad. I cannot speak for everyone, but this product worked for us. Good luck to you all!

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