10 x Pregnancy Mid-Stream Tests


Fertility2Family Australian home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, have super-fast results & designed for early detection during your two-week wait.

10 x Pregnancy Mid-Stream Tests

Want to get the best pregnancy tests on the market today? Try our home pregnancy tests. Our rapid pregnancy midstream tests are designed to detect the hCG hormone as low as 10mIU/ML, making them far more effective than similar tests. Along with being one of the most sensitive on the market, the home pregnancy test offers fast and reliable results.

Fertility 2 Family, home pregnancy tests, are 99% accurate, with super-fast results in under 1 minute; plus, they have been rated the best pregnancy tests in Australia 3 years in a row.

How do home pregnancy tests work?

The Fertility 2 Family home pregnancy tests allow you to start testing up to seven days before the expected missed period, detecting as low as 10mIU/ml of the HCG in the urine.

This means they can detect the hormone as early as two or three days after the body produces hCG. The human chorionic gonadotropin, or the pregnancy hormone, is produced once the fertilised egg gets attached to the uterine wall (implantation). The implantation process occurs within 6-12 days after ovulation, so the pregnancy hormone levels will typically double every 2-3 days.

Fertility2Family Instream pregnancy test kits are chemist quality and 99% accurate, and that’s why they are rated as one of the best pregnancy tests you can buy. So, buy our easy-to-use and affordable early-detection pregnancy tests and use them as often as you like without stress.

All home pregnancy tests come with at least 20 months or more expiration date, something most other brands offer.

Midstream Pregnancy Test results
Faint Line on a Pregnancy Test: What Does It Mean?

Pregnancy test instructions

  • Before using the pregnancy midstream test, you should take the time to read all of the instructions.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly.
  • Remove the home pregnancy test from the wrapper and hold the tip
  • Place the device on your urine stream for a few seconds and put it on a level surface. You will see the colour begin to climb the test strip. 
  • Wait for one minute for the urine to completely travel through the test before you can start reading the results. Do not interpret test results after 5 minutes.

If you notice two lines on the window, you are pregnant. If you only get one line, it could mean you are not pregnant, or the hCG levels are still too low to be captured by the pregnancy test kit. 

We want you to feel confident when using our home pregnancy tests; this is why we offer detailed pregnancy test instructions that include all the frequently asked questions, from when to take a pregnancy test to how common a false positive 

When can I take a home pregnancy test?

Waiting for at least one to two weeks after you have had intercourse. You do not need to wait until you have missed your period to complete the home pregnancy test, but it is recommended that you use your first-morning urine if you are testing before your period is due.

A positive early result indicates that you are pregnant, but a negative result should be re-tested once your period is due. If you have missed your period, you do not need to use the first-morning urine.

Fertility2Family highly sensitive pregnancy tests can detect very low levels of hCG in your urine, and testing during your two-week wait before your expected missed period can lead to detecting a chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancies account for 50 to 70 per cent of all early miscarriages.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if the test results are positive?
If the test results are positive, you should schedule a consult with your doctor to discuss the next steps and prenatal vitamins. Furthermore, you may want to confirm your test by re-testing in a few days. Remember that early pregnancy care is critical to ensuring the health of both the baby and the mother.
What should I do if the results are negative?
A negative result indicates no hCG hormone was detected, and you are likely, not pregnant. If your period does not begin within a week of its expected arrival, you may have miscalculated the day it was due, or your period may be late due to other factors. Repeat the test with a new home pregnancy test. If the second test still comes back negative and you haven’t started menstruating, consult with your doctor if you are concerned.
What factors can influence the pregnancy test outcome?
If you carefully follow the instructions, you will reduce the chances of getting a false result. However, certain medications and medical conditions are exempt as they may lead to incorrect results. For instance, injected medications containing the pregnancy hormone hCG may result in a false positive.
When the Pregnancy Test Positive Line Shows up Later
Fertility2Family does not recommend interpreting the test results after five minutes. A positive (pregnant) result will remain unchanged after the test time frame. However, a reddish background may be visible several hours after the test is completed. Some negative results may appear to be weakly positive after 30 minutes. This is because the test chemicals react even after the five-minute waiting period.
Is it necessary to use first-morning urine for a home pregnancy test?
In short, no. Your urine will only contain a small amount of hCG. Your urine is more concentrated in the morning, and more hCG could be present. The reason for using your first-morning urine is that an early detection test, such as the Fertility2Family’s, can detect pregnancy before your missed period.
Can I choose to collect a urine sample in a cup?
Yes, provided the urine sample is collected in a clean, dry container. Take the test device out of its wrapper. Immerse the absorbent strip of the test device in the urine for about ten seconds. Make sure to immerse the absorbent strip in the urine sample two-thirds to three-quarters of the way. Remove the test device, replace the plastic cap, and read the result after one minute and not after five minutes.
When it comes to false-positive pregnancy tests, how often do they occur?
Getting a true false positive when you were never pregnant is exceedingly rare on any brand, including ours. A home pregnancy test will only show a line if you have hCG in your urine. However, an early detection pregnancy test can identify low hCG levels in your system, indicating that you were recently pregnant but had a non-viable pregnancy; this is highly frequent, accounting for up to 70% of all conceptions.
Does it matter how dark the line is on a pregnancy test?
If the test is positive, the resulting window will show two pink-purple-coloured bands five minutes after the absorbent strip is exposed to the urine. No matter how faint or strong the coloured bands are, the result is a positive pregnancy test. If unsure about the result, double-check it by taking another test in 3-4 days. Rising hCG levels will result in a darker band and confirmation of pregnancy. If the repeat test fails to yield a darker test band after your expected missed period, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for further assistance.
What does a faint line on the pregnancy test mean?
It’s not uncommon to see a weak positive line, and there are a few reasonable explanations. Although hCG is present in your urine, the low levels are causing a faint positive line on the home pregnancy test. You may be pregnant if a faint line shows on a pregnancy test within the Instruction time range. An evaporation line or early pregnancy loss, often known as a chemical pregnancy, is another reason for a weak line on a home pregnancy test.
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When to take a home pregnancy test?

Precautions and warnings

  • You cannot just make a conclusive diagnosis after taking a single test but rather on the results of several tests. For this reason, it’s vital to visit your doctor to confirm everything after taking the home pregnancy test. They will perform another urine or blood test and discuss the findings.
  • Before doing the test, read the instructions carefully and take note of the test and control lines.
  • Do not use the test kit if it is expired.
  • Please do not use the same test devices twice, as it’s meant for one-time use. After that, throw away the pregnancy test.
  • Do not touch the membrane within the test tube.
  • If the packaging is damaged or open, do not use it.
  • You should use the device when you open the packaging because it will deteriorate if exposed to ambient humidity for an extended period.
  • Handle urine samples and use devices cautiously, as they may be contagious. Contact should be avoided.
  • Ensure that the urine sample is disposed of properly.
  • Pregnancy hormone (hCG)-containing medications may influence the test’s outcome. If you are taking any medications, you should speak with your doctor.

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