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30 x Pregnancy Mid-Stream Tests


Our highly sensitive Australian midstream pregnancy tests will give quick, reliable results without needing a urine collection cup like the pregnancy strip tests. Begin testing for early pregnancy up to seven days before your period is due.

30 x Pregnancy Mid-Stream Tests

If you are searching for the best pregnancy test in the market today, you will come across the pregnancy midstream tests from Fertility2Family. Our Instream kits are ideal for users needing affordable products that provide quick, reliable results.

The pregnancy midstream tests are designed to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone in the urine. This hormone is also known as the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. If you’re not expectant, the concentration of the hCG hormone in your body is usually about 5mIU.

The levels will rise immediately after conception, and that’s what our pregnancy kits will be looking out for. Our pregnancy test kit can confirm if you are pregnant seven days past ovulation. Fertility2Family has been rated the best pregnancy test in Australia on Productreview for four years. 

Midstream Pregnancy Test
Buy cheap pregnancy tests that give you rapid results and are 99% accurate. Begin testing up to seven days before your period is due. 
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When you buy our in-stream test pack, you will always have enough pregnancy tests to use whenever you want to confirm if you’re pregnant. Knowing if you are pregnant early will enable you to prepare adequately for the pregnancy and make informed decisions like taking prenatal vitamins and a healthy diet. Generally, our pregnancy tests can last for over 20 months, so you shouldn’t worry about buying them in bulk or storing them at home while you TTC.

How do early pregnancy tests work?

Fertility2family early pregnancy test kits will allow you to check if you’re pregnant as early as seven days before your next period date. Numerous studies have shown that our products can detect as low as 10mIU of hCG in urine, so once your body starts producing hCG hormone, the test will be able to detect it typically within two to three days.

So when does the production of the hCG hormone start? After fertilisation, the embryo will cling to the uterine wall when the placenta starts producing the hCG hormone. This implantation process generally occurs 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

The hormone production increases days following the implantation and is detectable a few days before the expected period date. The higher the quantity of the pregnancy hormone in your urine, the further you’ll be in pregnancy.

We always want our customers to feel comfortable using our pregnancy tests, so we include step-by-step instructions with every order. This includes our pregnancy tests FAQs on how to perform a home hCG test, what to do if your HPT shows a faint line, and when to start testing for early pregnancy.

Midstream Pregnancy Test results
Dip & Read Pregnancy Test – Fertility2Family Australia

Pregnancy Tests instructions 

Here are the basic steps to follow when taking the pregnancy test:

  • Before using the midstream kit, you should take the time to read all of the instructions.
  • Remove the pregnancy detection test from the foil wrapping.
  • Take off the cap to reveal the absorbent tip, and ensure you do not touch the absorbent end.
  • Hold the stick by the thumb grip with the exposed absorbent tip pointed downward. Urinate onto the absorbent tip until it is completely saturated.
  • You should get results in under a minute; do not interpret test results after 5 minutes.

As you can see, Fertility2Family pregnancy midstream kits are simple to use. Besides, they come in individual packaging, are high-quality, and are inexpensive!

Anyone who has used our Instream test kits can confirm that our products are 99 per cent accurate and reliable. So, do not hesitate to bulk buy pregnancy tests as they will last longer and make your conception journey easier.

How do I read my pregnancy results?

NEGATIVE: The result is indicated by a single control line on the result window. This means you aren’t pregnant, or your body hasn’t produced enough hCG for the test to detect.

POSITIVE: The result is indicated by a line in both the control and test lines on the result windows. This means you are pregnant and should contact your doctor after your expected missed period for a pregnancy blood test. 

INVALID: This is when no lines appear in the result window, or you only see the test line on the result window after five minutes. It is recommended that you repeat the test with a new test kit. Make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Where can I buy pregnancy midstream test kits?

Whether you’re seeking to buy Australian pregnancy tests in packs of one, 20x or more, Fertility2Family can assist you with the right midstream pregnancy test pack. We will take your order and send it straight to your door with fast shipping choices throughout Australia.

What Is The Best Pregnancy Tests To Use?
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Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I do to improve my chances of conceiving?

Tracking your menstrual cycle and determining your ovulation period is the greatest strategy to maximise your chances of getting a baby. You can use our reliable ovulation predictor kits, often OPKs, to track your ovulation for a few months.

These products work exactly like the home pregnancy test (HPT), except they will detect the luteinising hormone in the urine instead of the hCG hormone. Our Basal Body Thermometer will also help you find your most fertile window, so check our BBT for more details.

When is the best time to check for pregnancy?

Our pregnancy midstream tests are meant to detect early pregnancy, so you can use them as early as seven days after ovulation or 5-7 days before your next period date. Using your first-morning urine is advisable because this is when the hCG hormone is more concentrated. If you get a negative test but are still experiencing symptoms of early pregnancy, we recommend waiting 24-48 hours before re-testing. This will allow your body to produce more hCG, which will be detected once you take another test.

Regardless, we still recommend using the first-morning urine while doing the pregnancy test because it will enable you to get reliable results, particularly if you’re testing early when the levels of hCG are still low.

What should I do if it’s a positive result?

If the result is a positive pregnancy test, you are pregnant and should take the necessary measures to ensure the foetus grows healthily. A good rule of thumb is to visit your doctor immediately to get another test done.

Once you get a confirmation, the healthcare provider will share some tips, including taking prenatal vitamins and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. If you have a condition that could cause complications during your pregnancy, the doctor will handle it too.

What should I do if my pregnancy test comes back negative?

A negative result indicates low hCG in your urine to be detected by your home pregnancy test. Usually, the implantation process occurs between 6DPO and 12DPO, so if you test too early, your urine will have minimal trace amounts of hCG. We recommend testing five days before the period date or afterwards because there is a high likelihood of receiving a negative result when testing before 10DPO.

What is the accuracy of HCG pregnancy tests?

At-home pregnancy tests are usually 99 per cent accurate, so you are assured of getting reliable results if you follow the instructions carefully.

Remember, the test results can also be determined by other factors, such as when you ovulate, how long it takes for the implantation process, and when you take the test after suspecting you’re pregnant.

Can medication for specific health conditions have an impact on the outcome?

If you test too shortly after taking fertility medications containing the HCG hormone, the results will likely be misleading. Also, if you recently stopped using hormonal contraception or you are taking fertility treatments such as clomiphene citrate, the results may not be accurate.

Do you sell fertility products in bulk?

We provide our HCG pregnancy tests in our Fertility Kits, customised to meet your fertility journey needs. We also have a vast choice of products you may require. Our fertility range includes Basal Ovulation Thermometers, Conceive Plus lubricants, Ovulation test kits, and more.

Caution and warnings to remember

  • Read the directions carefully before using the hCG test.
  • Avoid using the hCG test if you notice that it is expired.
  • Make sure you only use human pee for the test.
  • Examine the absorbent part (the thinner end) for holes on the surface and place it beneath urine. Alternatively, you can place the pee in a jar or plastic container and dip it in for only 5 seconds. Not less or more. Ensure the absorbent surface is completely saturated to avoid getting an INVALID result.
  • Remove the test kit from its package and use it right away.
  • Always dispose of the test kit after use.
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