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50 x Pregnancy Mid-Stream Tests


  • Less messy vs pregnancy strip tests
  • Designed for early testing during your two-week wait
  • Super fast results in less than one minute
  • Fast Delivery Australia wide

50 x Pregnancy Mid-Stream Tests

You can start testing for early pregnancy up to seven days before your predicted missing period date with these early detection tests from Fertility2Family. Our pregnancy tests are one of the most affordable and straightforward methods for detecting early pregnancy.

Why do we say so? Our pregnancy tests are one of the most sensitive on the market. Detecting hCG levels as low as 10mIU/ml plus each test is individually packaged, quality-assured, and TGA-approved. This allows you to test and receive rapid results in under one minute confidently.

Midstream Pregnancy Test
Fertility2Family early detection Australian pregnancy tests are designed to be used during your two-week wait and are one of the most sensitive and accurate tests on the market. 
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What is a home pregnancy test?

A home pregnancy test is a simple urine test kit that detects human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a pregnancy hormone, in a pregnant woman’s urine. If you are expecting a child, the body will begin producing hCG, which can be identified in a sample. 

A pregnancy test can give you a positive result as soon as seven days after ovulation or approximately 5-7 days before your expected next period. It’s recommended to use your first-morning urine for testing, especially early on, because it’s more concentrated and can potentially have higher levels of hCG. As you consume fluids during the day, your urine becomes more dilute, and the amount of hCG in your urine declines, making an early pregnancy test less likely to detect a positive result.

What is the best pregnancy test to use at home?

With tens of thousands of home pregnancy tests, many women face a difficult decision: which is the best pregnancy test kit? The most common flaw with some chemist-available pregnancy tests is that they are not sensitive enough to detect low hormone (hCG) levels, particularly when testing before your next expected period. 

The pregnancy midstream tests we provide at Fertility2Family are outstanding and will be a vital tool in your conception journey. Our clients prefer using them because they are easy to use, accurate and reliable. Besides, we offer them in bulk at wholesale rates, allowing you to test them as often as needed without worrying about the cost.

What pregnancy test should I buy?

When choosing an early detection test, keep the following in mind:

Reliability – This is a vital issue when purchasing a home pregnancy test. If your test kit isn’t reliable, you could get false positives or negatives. The accuracy and reliability of Fertility2Family home detection tests have been proven in the lab to be over 99% accurate. We take pleasure in our goods’ quality and dependability and put them through a series of stringent quality tests.

Price – If you’re eager to get a positive result, you can use many pregnancy midstream tests over your cycle. The expense of these tests might quickly pile up over time. Furthermore, a higher price does not imply that the test will be more accurate. Early detection pregnancy tests from Fertility2Family are simple to use, dependable, and one of the cheapest pregnancy kits available.

Easy to use – You want an early pregnancy test that is simple to use and functions well. The hCG dip & read and instream tests from Fertility2Family are designed to be used during your two-week wait to allow you to get your big fat-positive result as early as possible.

pregnancy test at 7 DPO
When and How to Take a Pregnancy Test? 

What is the best way to use the pregnancy test?

As previously stated, testing using first-morning urine allows for a higher concentration of hCG in your urine.

  • Before using the midstream kit, you should take the time to read all of the instructions.
  • Remove the midstream test from the foil packet and take off the cap.
  • Hold the midstream test by the handle and place it directly into your urine stream for at least 10 seconds or until completely wet. It’s important to remember not to urinate on the Test and Control window and Urinate only on the absorbent end of the midstream test for at least 10 seconds for the best results.
  • Replace the cap over the absorbent end immediately after withdrawing the midstream test from your urine. Lay the midstream test on a level surface with the Test and Control window facing upwards, and start the timer.
  • You may notice a light pink dye going over the Test and Control window as the test begins. Wait for the pink line(s) to appear, and Results may be observed after 1 minute. Do not interpret test results after 5 minutes.

We cover all the frequently asked questions when using a pregnancy test in our instructions to assist you in determining the optimal time to take home detection tests and address any of your questions about testing for early pregnancy at home.

Midstream Pregnancy Test results
How does a pregnancy test look if positive?

Interpreting pregnancy test results

Negative: If only one coloured line emerges in the control area, the test is negative; you can safely assume you’re not pregnant.

Positive: The test is positive if two coloured lines emerge in both the control and test areas, so you can presume you are pregnant; we recommend retesting after your expected missed period to confirm pregnancy.

Invalid: The test is faulty if no definite pink line is visible in the test and control areas. It is suggested that you retest with a fresh test stick. Contact Fertility2Family if the problem persists.

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When should you start testing?

There’s no need to wait till your next expected period. You can test seven days after ovulation or 5-7 days before your period is due. When testing early in the morning, attempt to use your first urine of the day.

What should I do if the pregnancy test results are positive?

Getting positive results can be exciting, but you should take steps to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. The first step is to schedule an appointment with your doctor to confirm if you are pregnant and then get recommendations for the best prenatal vitamins.

What should I do if the pregnancy test results are negative?

A negative result means the hCG hormone was not detected in your urine, indicating that you are unlikely pregnant. If your period is late, we suggest you retest in 2-3 days, and if the results are still negative, you should visit your doctor.

What can I do to improve my chances of conceiving?

First, you must determine when you are ovulating, as you are most fertile. Our Basal Body thermometer (BBT) or Fertility2Family ovulation tests can help pinpoint your most fertile window and drastically boost your chances of falling pregnant. You might also benefit from our Sperm Friendly Lubricant. This lubricant was scientifically designed to match viable cervical fluid and sperm, improve sexual activity, and boost the chances of pregnancy.

Is taking a home pregnancy test first thing in the morning necessary?

In short, no. Your urine will only contain small traces of hCG, and your urine is more concentrated in the morning, and there may be more hCG present. You should use your first-morning urine because an early detection test, such as Fertility2Family’s, can detect conception before your expected missed period.

Should you use a timer?

You may think you’re a terrific timekeeper, but bring along your unbiased companion when it comes to a pregnancy test—a timer on your phone or a clock. We do not recommend that you interpret the test results after 5 minutes; a timer can help keep you on track.

What is the accuracy of an hCG test?

When you follow the hCG kit instructions, our home pregnancy tests (HPT) accuracy in detecting early pregnancy is 99 per cent. The strip test and the midstream test are two types of tests, and both tests can identify low levels of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Our Fertility2Family tests are among the earliest detection tests on the market, detecting at 10mIU/ml.

Are there any additional fertility products that you offer?

Fertility2Family offers a wide choice of fertility products that have been carefully chosen and packaged to help you on your journey to becoming a mother. Conceive Plus sperm-friendly lube and prenatal vitamins, ovulation tests, basal thermometers, and our early pregnancy test are all included in these fertility packs.

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