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1 x Pregnancy Mid-Stream Test


Fertility2Family can detect very low levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG up to 7 days before the day of your missed period. Making them one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests in Australia

1 x Instream pregnancy test

Now you can stop mucking around with all these unreliable Instream pregnancy tests each time you want to verify if you are pregnant.

Fertility2Family affordable and highly sensitive pregnancy midstream tests will make things easier for you and provide reliable results without a fuss. There is no need to use collection cups to make the process quick and less messy. Hold the absorbent end in the urine stream for some minutes, recap, and wait for the results.

instream pregnancy tests
Fertility2Family Instream pregnancy tests are highly sensitive and allow you to begin testing up to seven days before your due period.
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How do Instream Pregnancy Tests work?

The instream pregnancy tests we provide work by detecting pregnancy markers in your urine. The tests are designed to check the presence of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine to see pregnancy. The hCG levels in non-pregnant women are usually low (approximately five mIU) but increase after conception. Fertility2Family early pregnancy tests detect hCG levels at 10mIU, making them one of the most sensitive on the market.

Our instream pregnancy tests can detect conception up to seven days before the next expected period. But, we always recommend that if you are testing early, you use the first urine immediately after waking up, as this is when the hCG hormone levels are concentrated.

Who should use instream pregnancy tests?

Use an instream pregnancy test if you suspect that you are pregnant. This is ideal for people who have engaged in unprotected sex recently or who are trying to conceive. Some of the signs that may indicate it’s time to take a pregnancy test include:

  • A missed period
  • Fatigue
  • Tender, swollen, or enlarged breasts
  • Nausea
  • Increased urination
  • Vomiting

Benefits of taking early pregnancy tests

Opting to purchase an early pregnancy test to confirm whether you are pregnant comes with several benefits, as listed below:

Early detection

Detecting your pregnancy early enough will assist you in preparing for the journey and making informed choices. For instance, you will start taking folic acid and eating healthy to promote foetal growth and keep your body healthy. This will also give you a chance to avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Some women may also need to adjust their workout routines if it’s too intense to prevent a miscarriage during pregnancy. Therefore, it is better to test early to make the necessary changes to promote a healthy pregnancy and prevent unnecessary complications later.

Stop or start medications.

When you test for pregnancy early, your doctor can determine if you should discontinue or start taking certain medications. The objective is to ensure the medicine promotes healthy pregnancy or doesn’t interfere with the foetus’s growth. The doctor will also share additional lifestyle tips that meet your requirements.


instream pregnancy test
How common are false negative pregnancy tests?

How to perform the pregnancy test

  • Pre-read the Pregnancy Test Instructions to understand how to use the hCG test.
  • Begin by removing the Instream pregnancy tests from the foil wrapper.
  • Open the cap so the absorbent tip can be exposed but do not touch it to avoid contamination.
  • Hold the instream pregnancy tests by the thumb to grip and ensure the exposed absorbent end points downwards. You can now urinate onto the absorbent tip and ensure it is wet.
  • Once you’re done,  recap the absorbent tip of the Instream pregnancy test and lay the test on a flat surface. Make sure the window faces up.
  • You should get results within a minute – do not wait more than 5 minutes to check the results.
  • Discard the Instream pregnancy test device after use – each device is only meant for single use.

Instream pregnancy tests: Understanding the results

After taking a pregnancy test, you can expect three kinds of positive, negative, and invalid results. To increase the chances of getting a more reliable result, follow the instructions carefully to ensure the test is not performed incorrectly. 

A positive result on a pregnancy test

When you get a positive result, you are pregnant; two lines indicate this on the pregnancy test. This is usually true even if the line on the instream pregnancy test is faint or you experience a colour change. Once you get a positive result, you should immediately contact your doctor or healthcare professional for more guidance.

It’s rare to get false-positive results, which indicate that you are not pregnant, regardless of whether the test shows a positive result. False positives usually occur due to several reasons, as outlined below:

  • The Instream pregnancy test is expired
  • Some medications you’re taking are triggering the production of hCG hormones
  • An early pregnancy loss, also known as a chemical pregnancy 
  • You have ovarian tumours
  • kidney failure problem
  • You’re suffering from liver disease

A negative result on a pregnancy test

A negative result means you’ll only see one line on the pregnancy test,  indicating that you did not conceive. However,  you may get a false negative result, and that’s the reason why it’s advisable to take another hCG kit or visit your healthcare provider if you still have symptoms of early pregnancy. False-negative is very common, and when testing before ten days, past ovulation can account for around 48% of all test results.

Some of the reasons why false pregnancy results occur include:

  • You have tested too soon before the body can produce enough hCG hormones
  • The home hCG kit was performed incorrectly 
  • The urine you use for the Instream kit is diluted (you likely did not test early in the morning)
  • The test you are using is expired or faulty

An Invalid result on a pregnancy test

If you do not see any distinct coloured band on your pregnancy kit’s test and control area, then it means the test is invalid. An invalid test is extremely rare on all pregnancy tests. 

The best thing to do is take another test with a new pregnancy test, and if the problem persists, you can always contact Fertility2Family for assistance.

Limitations of a pregnancy test

The hCG test you use to confirm pregnancy will only work if you follow the instructions precisely. While we provide highly accurate test kits, false results may occur if you do not follow the set instructions. Even simple things like taking birth control pills, antibiotics, painkillers, and alcohol can affect the test results. If you follow the instructions and still get inconsistent or unexpected results, contact your doctor to discuss the results. 

We also recommend that you check the expiry date of the test kit before you test to avoid getting false positives. Do not use the device if its protective cap is opened or damaged. The good news is that our test kits have an accuracy greater than 99%, so that you will get quality and reliable test results.

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Frequently asked questions

How do Instream Pregnancy Tests work?

When pregnant, the body produces a special hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The hormone appears in the urine, which our test kit will check to determine whether you conceived.

Does a faint test line colour mean I am still pregnant?

Yes, you should assume you’re pregnant even if the testing line is lighting colour because the exact colour of the lines isn’t essential.

Do the results change after staying for too long? 

In most cases, positive results do not change after the test is completed, even if it stays for several hours. However, Do not interpret test results after 5 minutes; once the urine starts to dry, this can cause evaporation lines, and the test is invalid after five minutes.

What if I am not sure about the testing line?

If you find out that you are not certain about the testing line, you should do another test after three days and follow the instructions.

What should I do if I get negative results but suspect I am pregnant?

The chances are that you miscalculated the time when your period is due. You can take another test if the period does not start a week after taking the pregnancy test. You should visit your doctor if you still get negative results and your period hasn’t started.

Is there a specific time of the day to conduct a pregnancy test for the most accurate results?

Taking the pregnancy test in the morning when your urine is most concentrated is generally recommended. However, with the highly sensitive Fertility2Family tests available in Australia, you can conduct the test at any time of the day and still get accurate results.

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