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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Multiple Use Tube 75ml


Australian Conceive Plus is a fertility-friendly lubricant scientifically formulated to match fertile cervical liquid and sperm, Enhance sexual activity and increase the likelihood of conception.

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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Multiple Use Tube 75ml

Conceive Plus is one of the best fertility-friendly lubricants you can find in the market today, and it’s designed for all couples trying to conceive – you can use it if you’re preparing to get a baby or have been trying to conceive for some time. Our lubricant is suitable for penile and vaginal applications, and its function is to lubricate and moisturise to boost comfort and ease during intimate sexual activity. Simply put, it supplements your body’s natural lubrication.

Australian Conceive Plus users love that it’s compatible with oocytes, sperm, and embryos, making things easier for those trying to get pregnant. Unlike the regular lubricants sold today, our product is isotonic and pH balanced to mimic the body’s natural fluids and doesn’t harm sperm –this promotes fertilisation. For years, our product has been utilised in infertility interventions by facilitating the entry of therapeutic and diagnostic devices into the vaginal cavity. The product is also compatible with polyurethane and latex condoms but cannot be used with synthetic polyisoprene condoms.

Conceive Plus fertility lubricant
The sperm friendly Lubricant for All Couples Trying for a Baby
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Conceive Plus – Fertility-Friendly lubricant

Conceive Plus was launched in 2008, and since then, millions of couples have managed to grow their families thanks to this lubricant. You can also rely on this product as it is an outstanding tool that helps sperm travel in a conducive environment and increases the chances of bonding with the egg. Our lubricant can be used by all couples, including those experiencing infertility problems. Therefore try Conceive Plus today to enhance your body’s capability to conceive!

Why should you consider using Conceive Plus when trying to conceive?

There are several reasons why Conceive Plus is an excellent option for all things fertility. Some of them include:

  • Its ability to support natural fertility
  • It’s trusted by pharmacists, doctors, and fertility clinics worldwide
  • It matches the natural cervical mucus
  • Its pH supports sperm migration and survival
  • It has magnesium and calcium ions for enhancing sperm viability

Is Conceive Plus safe for use?

While Conceive Plus can help you get pregnant quickly, you might be concerned about your safety after using the product. The truth is that our fertility lubricant is safe, and that’s the reason why it is chosen by millions of couples trying to conceive. Here is why:

  • Does not irritate the vaginal tissue
  • Safe for all oocytes and embryo development
  • Developed by the Harvard Medical School Doctors
  • No toxic living cells
  • Manufactured in France

Therefore, whether you’re just starting your conception journey or have been trying to get a baby for some time, our lubricant will create an ideal condition in your body to enhance your conception capacity.

Conceive Plus fertility lubricant
Conceive Plus fertility lubricant has a unique patented formula that contains both Calcium and Magnesium ions.

Will this sperm-friendly lubricant work?

If you’re like most people, you likely want to confirm if the Conceive Plus lubricant works. Our fertility lubricant can undoubtedly increase the chances of conception thanks to the quality ingredients that boost the user’s reproductive health. Here is what sets this sperm-friendly lubricant apart:

It provides better fertility conditions 

Conceive Plus is not a single factorial lubricant. It comes with many elements that combine to improve the users’ fertility. From the balanced pH to the infusion of critical ions (the only lubricant that contains magnesium and calcium), your body will be ready for the sperm and egg to join.

Combines with sperm to enhance sperm migration

Although most other lubricants usually create a barrier with the sperm, our lubricant is fully compatible with sperm and usually blends in a few minutes. The lubricant will remain mixed even a day later, providing a barrier-free stream for the sperm to meet the egg. This increases the chances of conception, particularly when a couple has sex during the fertile window.

Comes with ions

There isn’t any other lubricant with magnesium and calcium ions on the market. Our Harvard doctors decided to add these key ions into the formula because they know these minerals play an essential role in the body, particularly concerning conception. Magnesium alone is required in more than 300 biochemical procedures in the body. This mineral naturally plays multiple roles in conception as well.

Relieves vaginal dryness

Most couples do not realise how essential it is to maintain a moisturised vagina environment when trying to conceive. Vaginal dryness hinders fertility in about 75 per cent of all couples. This is where conceive plus comes in. Besides providing ideal moisture levels in the vaginal environment, our lubricant will match the body’s fertile mucus.

It is usually paired with Conceive Plus applicators.

To ensure you get the best results, the medical experts who designed this fertility lubricant combined it with pre-filled applicators. These pre-filled applicators are usually inserted into the vagina about 10 to 15 minutes before the sexual activity to ensure comfort and improve sperm reception.

A trustworthy fertility lubricant

Even though many fertility lubricants are on the market today, none match the quality or ingredients added to Conceive Plus. This is why couples in more than 60 countries prefer using our products.

Cheapest Conceive Plus Australia
Cheapest Conceive Plus Australia

Sperm-friendly lubricant ingredients 

Sodium chloride, deionised water,  glycerol, hypromellose,  sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, disodium phosphate, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and methylparaben.

How will this fertility lubricant affect female fertility?

When you use our fertility lubricant while trying to get pregnant, you will experience increased pleasure and avoid the adverse effects of vaginal dryness. This will make the TTC process even more exciting and enjoyable for you and your partner. Many couples usually experience vaginal dryness, particularly when trying for a baby but don’t think this is a problem. For this reason alone, using this fertility lubricant every time you have sex and you’re trying to get pregnant is recommended.

How will Conceive Plus help male fertility?

Magnesium and calcium ions are naturally found in human cervical fluids and semen, analytically essential for the viability and functionality of the sperm. This fertility lubricant is the only manufactured lubricant brand with essential fertility ions. It will create a fertility-friendly environment for the sperm to make a long journey to fertilise the egg.  

Therefore if you need the Conceive Plus fertility lubricant, do not hesitate to make your order right away. We can provide this lube and the pre-filled applicators immediately after you place an order.

Conceive Plus Best fertility lubricant in Australia
Conceive Plus is the Best fertility lubricant in Australia.

How do I use the Conceive Plus fertility lubricant?

Start by removing the safety seal under the cap if you’re opening the lubricant for the first time. Apply a generous amount of sperm-friendly lubricant to the penis or vagina and continue to reapply as often as needed to maintain sufficient lubrication during sex. You may also use this lubricant with the Conceive Plus pre-filled applicators. This version is usually ideal for the male, so allow him to apply as much as he needs.

Hazards and cautions you should know

  • Do not assume that Conceive Plus is a contraceptive – it will not kill sperm or interfere with their functionality.
  • Avoid using the lubricant if the seal is tampered with, broken, or missing.
  • The lubricant is slippery, so clean spills right away.
  • If you experience irritation, discontinue use and meet with your doctor if the effects persist.
  • If you have used the product for over six months and do not get pregnant, consult.
  • You cannot use this product for home insemination processes.
  • Keep the lubricant out of reach of children.
  • Store the lubricant between 2°C – 30°C in a carton, and discontinue the use of the product is expired.

Conceive Plus Australian reviews.

Jessica P – I have been using the brand for months and love it! I am 32 and managed to get pregnant for the first time.

April V – I am currently using the gel to try and keep the area in pristine condition to conceive. I am hopeful that it will work as I am TTC.

Jane S – Although I wasn’t lucky this cycle, I will keep trying until I conceive.

Bella F is one of the best products I have ever encountered, but I’m so grateful I found it. I only used it three times, and now I am 14 weeks away from meeting my bundle of joy. I combined the lubricant with ovulation pills. Thank you, Conceive Plus Australia, for the fantastic products.

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