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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant – 8 x 4g pre-filled applicators


Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant + Magnesium and Calcium, a fertility Safe Lube For all couples trying to conceive. Enhance sexual activity and increase the likelihood of conception. Buy Australian Conceive Plus today!

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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant – 8 x 4g pre-filled applicators.

Once you are ready to grow your family, one of the best decisions you can make is to use conceive plus products, particularly the fertility lubricant that comes in pre-filled applicators. These products are designed to provide a conducive environment for the sperm to thrive and fertilise an egg, thanks to the essential calcium and magnesium ions. Seasoned scientists made the formula, which matches the natural cervical fluid so a couple can feel comfortable while having sex. 

The key to increasing the chances of conceiving naturally is to use it a few minutes before sexual activity on the peak ovulation days. To accomplish this, it’s advisable to use conceive plus pre-filled applicators as they make the internal lubricant placement process easier. The good news is that we provide a package containing the fertility lubricant and 8x4g pre-filled applicators for your convenience. 

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The sperm friendly Lubricant for All Couples Trying for a Baby
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Why choose to conceive plus fertility lubricant and pre-filled applicators (8x4g)?

Now you can naturally enhance conception when using conceive plus lubricant and pre-filled applicators. But why shop for the duo? Here is why Conceive Plus and the pre-filled applicators are the choices of pharmacists, doctors, and fertility clinics in over sixty countries.

  • It’s safe for oocytes (egg) & embryo development.
  • It doesn’t irritate the vaginal tissue – is non-toxic, and supports fertility.
  • Seasoned Harvard Medical School Doctors develop it
  • Manufacturing is done in France
  • It contains magnesium and calcium ions
  • Balanced to prolong sperm longevity

So, if the life of your dreams is to be with your partner and have children, you should try the lubricant and applicators. This is especially true if you haven’t had an easy time trying to conceive.

Using Australian Conceive Plus pre-filled applicators will assist you in creating suitable conditions for fertilisation, boosting the odds of conception. Moreover, this fertility lubricant is ideal for all couples, including those with PCOS, hormonal problems, irregular ovulation, etc.)

Conceive Plus fertility lubricant
Conceive Plus fertility lubricant has a unique patented formula that contains both Calcium and Magnesium ions.

Do Conceive Plus applicators work?

More and more couples are being affected by infertility every year, and that’s why the brilliant doctors from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital created this specialised fertility-friendly lubricant. Here is why all couples trying to conceive should consider using our product to improve the chances of conception.

Has calcium and magnesium ions

Not only are calcium and magnesium essential minerals for any diet, but they are also crucial for conceiving. This is why doctors incorporate these minerals to naturally enhance the odds of conception.

Ideal PH and osmolality

The conceive plus formula falls within a perfect pH range for conception as set by the World Health Organization. The optimised pH and osmolality properties are designed to create conducive conditions for sperm migration. Besides, a less acidic vaginal environment is also needed to ensure the sperm last longer as they migrate to meet the egg. This lubricant provides an ideal PH and osmolality to increase your chances of conception.

Easy-to-use pre-filled applicators

Our product comes with internal applicators to ensure you apply the lubricant effectively. Each box has eight pre-filled applicators, which are ergonomic and will provide in-depth coverage of the lubricant for enhanced fertilisation. Each applicator should be used once.

Clinically-approved vaginal moisturiser

Vaginal dryness affects almost three in four couples; most people don’t even know it. You must ensure the vagina area is moisturised to create a fertile environment if you want to conceive. Conceive Plus will eliminate vaginal dryness and improve the odds of a healthy conception.

Prolongs sperm viability and motility

Once applied, the conceive plus fertility lubricant mixes with sperm thoroughly, even after 24 hours. Our lubricant does not hinder any natural migration of sperm. Instead, it enhances the motility and viability of sperm to promote fertilisation.

Note: Conceive plus sperm-friendly lubricant isn’t just designed for couples with difficulty conceiving. Sometimes, even fertile couples can find it difficult to conceive when they try a few times. Sperm-friendly lubricant will better a couple’s chances of a planned pregnancy so they can grow their family as desired. Our goal is to ensure all couples, regardless of their backgrounds, finally get to read two stripes when they take pregnancy tests. So, whether you are in your 40s, 30s, or 20s, fully fertile, or facing problems like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), we are confident that you will find our fertility lubricant and pre-filled applicators (and the whole Conceive Plus line of products) helpful.

conceive plus fertility lubricant bundle
Conceive Plus is the Best fertility lubricant in Australia.

How to use conceive plus pre-filled applicators

Start by removing the applicator from its box, but if you realise the tamper-evident tab isn’t in place, you shouldn’t use it. If the seal is still in place, you can remove it and hold it on the narrow end facing upwards. Open the tab (twist it off) and discard. Insert the slender part of the applicator into the vagina gently and deeply, then squeeze the bulb end about two to three times to release the sperm-friendly lubricant into the vaginal cavity.

Remove as you continue to press the bulb and discard it. Remember that each applicator can only be used once, so you cannot store it after opening or reusing it. 

The lubricant is usually applied 10-15 minutes before the sexual activity so that the moisture can disperse throughout the vagina. Every applicator has 4 grams of the conceive plus lubricant, so using the multi-use tube is advisable if you require additional moisture or get another applicator. You can use the multi-use tube with the pre-filled applicators for all intra-vaginal applications.

We encourage all couples trying to conceive to use Conceive Plus fertility lubricant every time to ensure that vaginal dryness is not the reason for preventing conception.

NB-Safety information – always use our products as directed. This lubricant will not hinder sperm movement or harm sperm. Always take time to read the label and use it as instructed.

Conceive Plus is a Fertility-friendly personal lubricant for couples that are trying to conceive!
Conceive Plus is a Fertility-friendly personal lubricant for couples trying to conceive!

Sperm-friendly lubricant ingredients?

Glycerol, water, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, hypromellose, methylparaben, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride.

How does Conceive Plus help female fertility?

When you use this fertility lubricant every time you have sexual intercourse with your partner while trying to conceive, you will experience increased pleasure, and the adverse effects of vaginal dryness will be eliminated. This makes the ‘trying to conceive’ process much more enjoyable and exciting for couples. Many couples who experience vaginal dryness during sex while trying to have a baby rarely know or think this could be a problem. Conceive Plus lubricant was created to deal with this problem, so consider using it each time you’re trying to get pregnant.

How does the lubricant help male fertility?

As mentioned, Conceive Plus lubricant contains magnesium and calcium ions naturally present in cervical fluids and human semen. These minerals are critically vital for the viability and functionality of sperm. When you use this fertility lubricant, the essential ions will create a fertility-friendly environment for the sperm to make the journey and fertilise the egg.

Myo-Inositol and fertility
Myo-Inositol and folic acid have been proven to assist with fertility issues by conceiving plus

Conceive plus Australian applicator reviews

Charity SMy partner and I tried for a baby for over a year unsuccessfully; then, a friend introduced this lube to us. We opted to get the lubricant as well as hers and his tablets, and after a few months, we realised we were expecting our firstborn. I would recommend the product.

ChastenAfter trying to conceive for two years, my partner and I decided to buy the Conceive plus lubricate and pills. This week will be my ovulation week, so we will try it. I will surely update you next month with the positive or negative results. Wish us luck.

Mrs TomConceive plus lubricant works! I had a miscarriage three months ago, and my husband and I tried again after using the conceive plus lube. Guess what, I am pregnant!! These products work as I thought that I couldn’t conceive again so fast. Thank you, Conceive Plus, for this remarkable product.

AlexisThis product truly helps. My husband and I used it, and I have managed to conceive within a month. It also assisted us to spice up the bedroom.

JasmineMy husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly two years with no success. We had no identifiable problems, so we decided to try IVF. My mother also suggested using conceive plus lubricant as you had nothing to lose. I decided to use it (my husband had no idea), and one month later, I was two weeks pregnant. Of course, it’s still early in the pregnancy, but this product is part of our success, and we are delighted.

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