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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Value Pack 75ml + 8 Applicators – RRP $59.90


Can Fertility Lubricant Help Me Get Pregnant? Conceive Plus is scientifically formulated to match fertile cervical liquid and increases the mobility and motility of sperm. Buy fertility-friendly lubricant and increase your chances of falling pregnant


Conceive Plus 75 ml + Conceive Plus Applicators 8 x 4g

Fertility support is a vital part of conception, whether you have been trying to get pregnant for a while or you are just starting. One of the solutions couples consider, particularly if they have vaginal dryness issues, is using lubricants. These products ensure that sexual activity is pleasurable and create a conducive environment for the sperm to travel and meet the egg for fertilization. However, most of the regular lubricants in the market today have proven to cause adverse effects on the fertilization process, and experts now recommend that they be avoided when trying to conceive.

Top Sperm-Friendly and Natural Lubricants for Fertility
Conceive Plus Combo 75ml + 8 Applicators (1 Month Supply)

Best lubricant for getting pregnant Australia

Conceive Plus is the only lubricant that promotes fertilization and doesn’t harm sperm.  & TGAThe FDA clears this product as a fertility-friendly lubricant as it’s formulated to be isotonic and meets the pH range compatible with sperm survival and migration. The manufacturers also intended to boost the ease and comfort of sexual activity – the product supplements the body’s natural lubrication and assists couples on their quest to conceiving naturally.

So, get our value pack which includes the Conceive Plus multi-use tube of 75 ml and 8 x Conceive Plus pre-filled applicators now! This package is affordable and reliable if you want to conceive naturally.

What’s Conceive Plus used for?

Conceive Plus is a sperm-friendly lubricant designed for vaginal and penile applications. Its task is to moisturize and lubricate these areas to enhance the comfort and ease of intimate sexual activity while supplementing the body’s natural lubrication.

Conceive Plus product is compatible with oocytes, embryos, and sperm, and it can also be used by all couples who are trying to conceive. Conceive Plus is used in fertility intervention to promote the entry of therapeutic and diagnostic devices into the vaginal cavity. It is also compatible with polyurethane and latex condoms but cannot be used with synthetic polyisoprene condoms.

Conceive Plus value pack, which contains 75 ml of the new + 8 pre-filled applicators, has been rated as the best sperm-friendly lubricant package, which has assisted many couples in getting pregnant faster. Therefore, you should also consider getting this fertility-friendly lubricant as it will help with sperm mobility throughout the female reproductive system. The sperm will move easily towards the fallopian tube, and more of them will reach the egg hence improving the chances of conception.

Conceive Plus is a fertility-friendly personal lubricant for use by all couples trying to get pregnant.
Best lubricant for getting pregnant Australia

What makes Conceive Plus unique?

Several features make Conceive Plus unique compared to other products in the market. Some of them are outlined below:

  • It’s one of the best personal lubricants that has proven to be safe for couples who want to grow their family, regardless of any problems like PCOS or irregular ovulation.
  • Doctors and gynecologists recommend it, and it’s sold in over 60 countries.
  • It promotes natural fertility thanks to the essential ions magnesium and calcium needed for the fertilization process.
  • Conceive TGA clears plus products, and FDA is fertilization, gamete, and embryo compatible.
  • It’s specifically formulated for positive results – for supporting fertility naturally.

Why do most couples prefer using sperm-friendly lubricants?

Over the years, Conceive Plus lubricant has proven to be safe for sperm motility and viability, and it’s the only lube that contains essential minerals required for cell viability and fertilization in our bodies. Also, its balanced pH and osmolality go a long way in assisting couples of all backgrounds in getting the desired positive result after taking pregnancy tests. Simply put, Conceive Plus is an ideal go-to source for everything concerning fertility. Keep reading to find out why this lubricant is a choice for pharmacists, fertility clinics, and doctors in most countries worldwide.

Increases the probability of conception. Conceive Plus features such as osmolality, balanced pH, ions, and vaginal moisturizing properties work in harmony to improve fertility, increasing the chances of conceiving naturally.

Comes with essential ions. Key ions, namely calcium and magnesium, are known to support sperm with the necessary minerals needed to get to the egg. This improves the chances of fertilization.

Offers sperm viability support. The motility and mobility of sperm increase when you use conceive plus fertility lubricant. This, in turn, improves sperm health while they journey to meet the egg in the fallopian tube.

Relieves vaginal dryness. Most couples today find it difficult to conceive and do not know that the underlying cause in most cases is usually vaginal dryness. Using Conceive Plus sperm-friendly lubricant will change this as it will moisturize the vaginal canal hence facilitating fertilization.

All couples can use it. Whether you have just started getting pregnant or have tried many times, conceive plus will play a vital role in your conception journey. All couples can use the product, including those with irregular ovulation and PCOS.

Harvard doctors created it. One of the reasons Conceive Plus stands out is that it was created by fertility and human reproductive system experts from Harvard. These professionals put their heads together to make Conceive Plus a formulated product for positive results.

Comes with easy-to-use pre-filled applicators. Unlike most brands, the manufacturers also decided to include pre-filled applicators in the products package. These applicators ensure the entire vaginal canal is well lubricated before having sex. We recommend inserting the pre-filled applicator 10-15 minutes before you engage in sexual activity.

How to use the Conceive Plus multi-use tube

Before first-time use, start by removing the safety seal under the Conceive Plus cap. Generously apply the lubricant to the penis or vagina, and keep reapplying as needed to maintain sufficient lubrication during sex. Sometimes the conceive plus package comes with pre-filled applicators designed for intravaginal application, which is a good option for her. The multi-use tube is an excellent version for him, so allow him to apply as often as he needs.

buy Conceive Plus
Conceive Plus replicates the vaginas cervical mucus in its most fertile days and helps prolong sperm mobility and motility.

How to use Conceive Plus pre-filled applicators

The Conceive Plus pre-filled applicators usually contain 4g of a sperm-friendly lubricant and are designed to simplify the application for couples. Remove the prefilled applicator from the box and check if it is still sealed – avoid using the product if the tamper-evident tab seems broken. Hold the applicator on the slender end so the part that contains the lubricant faces upwards, and twist the tab off and discard. Lowly insert the thin end of the applicator deep inside the vagina and start squeezing the bulb end two or three times to deposit the lubricant into the vaginal cavity. Remove the applicator as you continue to press the bulb end, then discard.

Every Conceive Plus applicator is meant for single-use, so you cannot store or use it after it is opened. The lubricant application should be done 10 to 15 minutes before engaging in a sexual act to allow the substance to disperse through the vagina. We recommend using the Conceive Plus multi-tube or opening another pre-filled applicator if additional moisture is needed. The good news is that Conceive Plus lubricant multi-use tube can be used in conjunction with the pre-filled applicators meant for intravaginal application.

Why Buy Conceive Plus?

So, if you have been searching for a fertility-friendly lubricant for him and her, you should get Conceive Plus 75ml multi-use tube for him and eight pre-filled applicators for her. Conceive Plus lubricant will provide positive results thanks to the unique blend of essential ions, osmolality, pH, and more. Overall, the Conceive Plus lubes are unmatched by any other brand you will find in the market today. And, even if you have fertility-related issues like endocrine problems, hormonal imbalance, PCOS, etc., you can still use the lubricant.

This one-month supply will provide many chances to engage in baby-making activities, so get it now! The duo pack saver will surely save you money and enhance your body’s conception potential every time. 

For enhanced fertility and better-planned pregnancy, choose to buy Conceive Plus combo today! Our rates are affordable, and the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Conceive Plus Australian customer reviews

April – I have used this brand for several months now, and I love it.  However, after conceiving for the first time at 35, I did get a miscarriage. I am still using the product and hoping to get my rainbow baby soon!!

Sarah – Conceive Plus lubricant was recommended to me by my friend, and I managed to use two multi-use tubes in a month and got pregnant right away.  This product played a significant role in my conception journey, so I will always recommend it.

Carissa – This is a wonderful product!  I used it for a month and managed to get pregnant after trying to conceive for over a year.  Due in December 2021.

Mary Dennis – I started using Conceive Plus on my ovulation days which were January 6 to 8. I took a pregnancy test on January 26 and got positive results. My fiancé and I are excited because we have tried for two years. We are grateful we used this product, and it worked for us! So thankful and happy.

Jessica T – I started using the gel to try and keep my vaginal area lubricated as I was trying to conceive. 2 months later, I have attained my goal.

Mila – I have been using this product for one month, and I wasn’t lucky this cycle. I love the comfortability and pleasure it brings, so my husband and I will continue using the lubricant and hoping to get pregnant during my next cycle.

Purity D – I decided to use this gel with the ovulation bundle for two months, and I just realized that I am pregnant. This Conceive Plus product worked for me.

Megan S – I just started using this personal lubricant last week, and I love the experience. I will be back to share my experience once I conceive, as it is still early.

Ashley Davis – So far, so good. I have been using Conceive Plus sperm-friendly lubricant and taking fertility support pills for two months.  No baby yet, but my periods are now regular, and cramps are gone. I am crossing my fingers for a little one soon!

Yetunde A – Conceive Plus lubricant really worked for me. I used the products for three months and got a baby boy last month. Will definitely get it again when I am ready for another baby.

Conceive Plus replicates natural vagina lubricant and is clinically proven to boost your chance of falling pregnant. Buy Conceive Plus today!






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