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10 x HCG & LH Strip Test Urine Collection Cups


Urine Collection Cups are the perfect addition to Australian pregnancy tests or an ovulation predictor kit; urine collection cups make testing easier and cleaner.

Urine Collection Cups

Urine collection cups are used to collect your urine, then tested with a home pregnancy test or ovulation prediction kits. The collection cups provide a clean, sanitary, and convenient way of collecting samples for these tests.

Fertility2Family have allowed women in Australia and worldwide access to cheap and reliable pregnancy tests and ovulation test kits; with our fertility kits, we offer these urine collection cups at no additional charge in selected packs. However, if you want to order more, they are available in a pack of 10-200 cups at Fertility2Family.

Urine collection cups

Making testing for early detection pregnancy kits and OPKs so much easier and cleaner
with these disposable collection cups available in our fertility kits

The urine collection cups make it easy to collect the sample. Each urine collection cup contains a small handle to hold on to while collecting the sample. The cups can hold about 40ml of urine for multiple home pregnancy tests or ovulation prediction tests. Fertility2Family’s urine collection cups are made from a material that does not interfere with the dip and read ovulation tests or early detection pregnancy tests.

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Benefits of using urine collection cups

  • Our urine collection cups are disposable and come in packs of 10 up to 200
  • Each collection cup has a handle to make testing for ovation easier
  • 40ML cups allow you to get enough of a sample to test use multi HPTs or ovulation tests if you require
  • Compatible with all test strips: ovulation test strips, pregnancy test strips or even our midstream tests if you find it easier.
  • Available to be purchased separately or for free in selected fertility Kit

Fertility2Family is here to help and guide you through the wonderful journey of motherhood. We have a wide range of affordable cheap pregnancy and urine ovulation tests, which you can check out on our products page.

Frequently asked questions

How early can I start testing to see if I am pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests detect the presence of a hormone secreted by the fetus called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in the pregnant woman’s urine. Although hormone levels can vary from woman to woman, Fertility2Family home pregnancy test kits can detect pregnancy as early as seven days after ovulation or 6-7 days before your next due period. Using a urine collection cup can assist with detecting early pregnancy.

Can I use any container to collect urine?

Fertility2Family recommends using the provided sample collection containers to collect the sample exclusively. Other containers can contaminate the urine sample, producing false-positive or false-negative results. Our home pregnancy tests come with a urine collection cup, but you can purchase them without buying the test kit if you want more.

What material are the urine collection cups made from?

The urine collection cups supplied by Fertility2Family in Australia are composed of high-quality plastic. This material does not react with or interfere with the chemical composition of the urine sample or the reagents on the testing strips, ensuring accurate test results.

Why should I use a urine collection cup instead of peeing directly on the test?

Utilising a urine collection cup, like those supplied by Fertility2Family in Australia, instead of peeing directly on the test allows for more accurate and easier testing. The collection cups help you obtain a clean, concentrated sample, preventing potential spillage or contamination and improving the test results’ accuracy.

Can I use a urine collection cup with any test? 

You can use our cups with any of our tests, which are best suited for our ovulation strip tests and pregnancy tests. We recommend collecting a urine sample with your first-morning urine if you are testing for early pregnancy. With an ovulation test collecting the urine sample between 10 am and 8 pm, testing your LH surge with your first-morning urine can give you a false positive because your urine is more concentrated.

We include easy-to-read instructions with all of our products emailed to you to assist you with detecting early pregnancy and knowing your most fertile window.

Midstream tests can be used with our sample collection containers if you cannot test midstream. When testing with a midstream and using a container, making sure that the absorbent tip has soaked up enough of a sample before removing it by dipping it into the sample is a great way to make sure that you are not over-wetting the absorbent panel, which can lead to a dye leakage in the test window.

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