30 x Strip Test Urine Collection Cups


Urine Collection Cups will make your journey to motherhood easier. Use our urine collection cups with our Australian pregnancy tests or easy home ovulation tests.

Urine Collection Cups

As the name suggests, urine collection cups are small disposable devices used to collect a urine samples. The urine sample contained in these cups can then perform ovulation predictor kits or home pregnancy tests.

For over a decade, Fertility2Family has supported women in Australia and worldwide with cheap, reliable ovulation tests (OPKs) and home pregnancy test packs; we offer urine collection cups free of charge in all of our fertility kits and selected pregnancy test packs. However, if you want to purchase them, they are also available in a pack of 10-200 pieces as stand-alone products.

Urine collection cups

Making testing for early detection pregnancy kits and OPKs so much easier and cleaner
with these disposable collection cups available in our fertility kits

Testing for ovulation

The Fertility2Family urine collection cups are cheap, disposable, and very easy to use, whether you want them to use for a stirp test or mid-stream tests if you prefer. Our urine collection cups are designed with convenience in mind and ease of use. With a capacity of about 40 ml, you can collect enough urine in a single cup that can be used for multiple OPK tests or home pregnancy tests if required.

Benefits of using urine collection cups

  • Our urine collection cups are disposable and come in packs of 10 up to 200
  • Each collection cup has a handle to make testing for ovation easier
  • 40ML cups allow you to get enough of a sample to test use multi HPTs or ovulation tests if you require
  • Compatible with all test strips: ovulation test strips, pregnancy test strips or even our midstream tests if you find it easier.
  • Available to be purchased separately or for free in selected fertility test kits

When to use a collection cup for home pregnancy testing?

A home pregnancy test is a simple test that detects the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine of a pregnant woman. If you are pregnant, the fetus will start secreting hCG detected in the urine sample.

You can start testing with a home pregnancy test kit as soon as seven days after ovulation or about 5-7 days before your expected period. You must use the morning urine, especially during the early testing, as it is more concentrated and contains higher amounts of hCG.

During the day, as you drink water, the urine dilutes, and the amount of hCG in the urine decreases, making it difficult to detect using a home pregnancy test kit. Collecting your first-morning urine in our urine collection cups will make testing easier.

Can I reuse a urine collection cup?

Fertility2Family in Australia provides disposable sample collection containers. Reusing a cup may introduce contaminants that could affect your test results. It’s always advisable to use a new, clean cup for each test to maintain the accuracy and reliability of your ovulation or pregnancy test.

How much urine can each collection cup hold?

Each urine collection cup provided by Fertility2Family in Australia can hold approximately 40ml of urine. This volume is enough to perform multiple home pregnancy or ovulation prediction tests, offering great convenience, especially when testing multiple times in a cycle.

How do I correctly use a urine collection cup for ovulation or pregnancy testing?

To correctly use a urine collection cup for ovulation or pregnancy testing in Australia, simply hold the cup under your urine stream or squat over it to collect the sample. Ensure the cup is clean and dry before use, and after collection, dip your test strip into the sample, following the instructions on your specific test kit.

Pregnancy tests & collection cups

The urine pregnancy tests are much cheaper, but they require you to collect a small sample of your urine in a cup provided in your Fertility Test Kit. All you need to do is dip that test strip into the collected urine until the marked line on the strip and wait for the test to develop.

Fertility2Family is always there in your journey to motherhood with our quality urine collection cups at affordable prices.

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