20 x Urine Strip Test Collection Cups


Urine collection cups can be used with pregnancy strips or Australian ovulation tests. Buy collection cups with Fast Shipping in Australia

Urine Collection Cups

The small cups you might have seen in our Fertility Tests kits, Including ovulation test strips of a home pregnancy test, are called urine collection cups.

These small disposable urine collection cups are meant to serve as a clean, sanitary container for collecting urine samples that can be used for several purposes, including testing for ovulation or early pregnancy.

Urine collection cups
Making testing for early detection pregnancy kits and OPKs so much easier and cleaner with these disposable collection cups available in our fertility kits

The Fertility2Family urine collection containers are designed for convenience and ease of use. These little cups have a small handle, making them easy to hold while collecting the sample. The cups can hold about 40ml of urine each. This volume is enough to repeat home pregnancy or ovulation prediction tests.

Although the urine collection cups come for free with most of our home pregnancy test or fertility test home kits, you can purchase them separately. These cups are available in packages ranging from 10 to 200 per packet. Our urine collection cups are cheap, disposable, and compatible with all our test kits, including our instream pregnancy and ovulation midstream tests.

Benefits of using urine collection cups

  • Our urine collection cups are disposable and come in packs of 10 up to 200
  • Each collection cup has a handle to make testing for ovation easier
  • 40ML cups allow you to get enough of a sample to test use multi HPTs or ovulation tests if you require
  • Compatible with all test strips: ovulation test strips, pregnancy test strips or even our midstream tests if you find it easier.
  • Available to be purchased separately or for free in selected fertility Kit

Why should I use a urine collection cup instead of peeing directly on the test?

Using a urine collection cup, especially when testing in Australia, allows for greater accuracy and convenience. Directly peeing on a test can sometimes be tricky and result in uneven application of urine, which might affect the results. Using a urine collection cup allows you to carefully dip the test strip to the appropriate depth and duration, ensuring the test can accurately detect the presence of hormones.

What material are the urine collection cups made from?

Urine collection cups provided by Fertility2Family are made of durable, medical-grade plastic. This material is non-reactive and doesn’t interfere with the chemical reactions taking place on your test strip. Hence, these cups are safe to use in Australia or other parts of the world.

How do I correctly use a urine collection cup for ovulation or pregnancy testing?

Each Fertility2Family urine collection cup can hold approximately 40 millilitres of urine. This is more than enough for most pregnancy and ovulation tests that you would conduct in Australia or elsewhere. This ample space allows you to collect enough urine for multiple tests if required.

How do I correctly use a urine collection cup for ovulation or pregnancy testing?

To correctly use sample collection containers in Australia, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent contamination. After urinating into the cup, dip the test strip or device into the urine, submerging it into the indicated line. Leave it in for the time specified in the test instructions, then remove it and wait for the results.

Can I reuse a urine collection cup?

Technically, sample collection containers can be reused if cleaned thoroughly and sanitised. However, for most people in Australia, using a fresh cup each time is advised. Single-use cups ensure that no residue from a previous test influences your results, reducing the risk of inaccuracies.

Can sample collection containers affect the results of my test?

Sample collection containers should not affect your test results if used properly. It is designed to be non-reactive and sterile. However, in Australia and other countries, ensuring the cup is clean and free from contaminants is important. Any residues or foreign substances in the cup can potentially interfere with the test and produce false results.

Things to avoid while collecting urine for HPT or OPK

Although the Fertility2Family home pregnancy tests and ovulation strip tests are easy to use, there are some things that you should avoid while collecting a urine sample for the tests to avoid any issues.

  • Ensure you have washed your hands and are dry; use a clean new urine collection container to collect your sample. Reusing a cup can result in contamination in the sample and might give false results. Our urine collection cups are specifically designed with materials that don’t interfere with the tests.
  • For home pregnancy tests, use the morning urine, which is concentrated and contains a higher amount of hCG
  • It is best to test for your ovulation window between 10 am and 8 pm, as your first-morning urine is more concentrated, containing higher levels of luteinising hormone and can lead to a false-positive result.

Fertility2Family is committed to helping women all over Australia through their journey to motherhood. Check out our catalogue for a full range of pregnancy and ovulation test kit products.

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