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100 x Strip Test Urine Collection Cups


Urine collection cups are a must when testing using pregnancy strip tests and Australian ovulation strip tests, and they make detecting your most fertile window simpler and easier!

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Urine Collection Cups

Urine collection cups are small disposable containers designed to collect urine samples for home pregnancy tests or ovulation strip tests. These cups are made from material that does not interfere with the hormones in the urine, and hence, urine collected in these containers can be used to perform several tests.

Urine collection cups

Making testing for early detection pregnancy kits and OPKs so much easier and cleaner
with these disposable collection cups available in our fertility kits

Fertility2Family urine collection cups are included with every purchase of a pregnancy test strip and selected fertility test kits. However, if you want additional cups, they are also available to purchase. The cups are available in packs of 10 to 200 and can be bought without a pregnancy test or ovulation predictor kits (OPKS).

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Benefits of using urine collection cups

  • Our urine collection cups are disposable and come in packs of 10 up to 200
  • Each collection cup has a handle to make testing for ovation easier
  • 40ML cups allow you to get enough of a sample to test use multi HPTs or ovulation tests if you require
  • Compatible with all test strips: ovulation test strips, pregnancy test strips or even our midstream tests if you find it easier.
  • Available to be purchased separately or for free in selected fertility Kit
  • Made with a material that is compatible with any home pregnancy test or OPKS
  • Cheap and affordable
  • You can buy the urine collection cups separately; there is no need to buy a pregnancy test strip or an ovulation test strip with the cups.

Fertility2Family is always with you through the, at times, arduous journey of motherhood. We offer a range of affordable products related to pregnancy and ovulation testing. Check out our fertility products for further information about our products.

Frequently asked questions about using a urine collection cup 

Can I use a sample collection container with any test? 

Without 40ml urine collection cups, this allows you to do multiple tests with the same sample; with the easy home pregnancy tests and dip and read ovulation tests, you can take multiple tests one after another.

Even with our Australian pregnancy and ovulation midstream tests, you can use the urine collection container if you find this easier than midstream. You are dipping the test into the sample until a sufficient sample has been collected. The benefit of using a urine collection container with a midstream test is that you can gauge how much of a sample is collected, reducing the dye running inside the test from being overwet.

Why should I use a urine collection cup instead of peeing directly onto the test?

Using sample collection containers for testing in Australia or anywhere else promises more precision and ease of use. Peeing directly onto a test could lead to an irregular distribution of urine, potentially impacting the results. By opting for a urine collection cup, you can immerse the test strip to the correct extent and for the exact duration, thus enabling the test to detect hormone presence accurately.

What material are the urine collection cups made from?

Fertility2Family’s sample collection containers are constructed from sturdy, medical-grade plastic. This type of material does not react with the test strip’s chemical reactions, making these cups suitable for use in Australia and globally.

How much urine can each collection cup hold?

Each sample collection container supplied by Fertility2Family is designed to accommodate approximately 40 millilitres of urine. This volume surpasses the requirement of most pregnancy and ovulation tests that you might utilise in Australia or anywhere else. The generous capacity lets you collect sufficient urine for multiple tests if needed.

How do I correctly use a urine collection cup for ovulation or pregnancy testing?

To accurately use a urine collection cup in Australia or elsewhere, you should start cleaning your hands thoroughly to avoid contamination. Once you have urinated into the cup, submerge the test strip or device into the urine up to the specified line. Keep it immersed for the duration stated in the test instructions before removing it and awaiting the results.

Do I have to use disposable sample collection containers?

Fertility2Family recommend using a clean, fresh disposable cup every time you are testing; a clean cup allows for easier testing and reduces the chances of the sample being contaminated and giving false positive and false negative test results.

This is why we aim to offer free urine collection containers with most of our products to make testing easier and cleaner.

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