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50 x Strip Test Urine Collection Cups


Whether you are using our cheap pregnancy tests or ovulation tests, using an urine collection cups can make testing easier and cleaner,


Urine Collection Cups

Urine collection cups are an essential component of any home pregnancy test or an ovulation predictor kit. These cups allow you to collect urine to be tested to detect various hormones and determine whether you are pregnant or ovulating.

Fertility2Family urine collection cups are available in a pack of 10-200. Although they come free of cost in most of our Fertility Test Kits and our home pregnancy tests as well. Apart from being inexpensive, the Fertility2Family disposable urine collection cup has several other advantages as well

Urine collection cups

Making testing for early detection pregnancy kits and OPKs so much easier and cleaner
with these disposable collection cups available in our fertility kits

When to use a cup?

Both the ovulation test strip and our easy dip & read pregnancy tests require you to collect a small urine sample from the included urine collection cup. Once you have collected the sample, all you need to do is to dip the test into the urine and follow the instructions.

With our midstream tests, both pregnancy and ovulation, they can be used by dipping the absorbent tip and collecting the urine.

Benefits of using urine collection cups

  • Our urine collection cups are disposable and come in packs of 10 up to 200
  • Each urine collection cup has a small handle that makes it easy to hold it during the urine collection process and easier for dipping your ovulation tests into
  • You can collect up to 40ml of urine in one of these cups, which is a sufficient volume to test for ovulation or early pregnancy multiple times
  • Compatible with all test strips: urine ovulation test, urine pregnancy test or even our midstream tests if you find it easier.
  • Available to be purchased separately or for free in selected fertility Kit
  • The small size of our urine collection cups, it is easier to use them, and there is no learning curve or special technique required

Fertility2Family is a one-stop shop for all your pregnancy and ovulation testing needs. We take pride in providing quality products at affordable prices for Australian women and as part of their journey to motherhood.

Detailed Instructions  –  Discreet,  Fast Shipping Australia wide – Quality Urine Pregnancy Test – Fertility Test Kit




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