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Fertility Test Home Kits

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Fertility2Family Fertility kits have everything you need to maximise your chances of falling pregnant!

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Stock up and save

As an Australian owned and operated business, Fertility2Family is proud to help women on their journey to fall pregnant and believe that they should be able to test as often as they like without the financial stress. This is why we have created an impressive range of fertility test home kits so you are able to buy essential products that are premium in quality and affordable in price.

Fertility kits for at-home use

Fertility starter kits are designed to help you achieve accurate results and take the stress out of trying to predict the best time to conceive. Whether you’re looking for pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, basal body thermometers, collection cups or conceive plus fertility lubricant — we’ve got everything you need to start trying to fall pregnant today. Our value pack fertility kits are intended for home use and so every order comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the process. And to understand signs of early pregnancy, check out our online blog that outlines the common pregnancy symptoms you need to look out for. 

Buy your fertility predictor kit

When you shop our fertility kits in Australia, you can experience nationwide shipping no matter where you are. If your order is over $100, we will also provide you with 30 free pregnancy strip tests and collection cups (RRP $37). Set yourself up for success and start your journey to maternity. For similar products to help you conceive, browse our entire range online now!